Your Dragons Sapphires, Now with Glitter!

The new season of sapphires, cute collectible Dragons, arrives loaded with new features. You have already counted that the magical land of Tarakona has new inhabitants. They are members of the four new families: the flower, ice, lightning and wind dragons.

Your Dragons Sapphires, Now with Glitter!

But, what happened with the first four families that you already knew? They also have some changes this year. So you can expand your collection. 16 sapphires dragons that we already know now have a new look.

Do you know why this has happened? Maybe because the arrival of Mareon, the dark Prince of night dragons, it has changed everything. This new character has stolen the precious stones of Tarakona and the Sapphires have to go looking for them to restore order in their magical world. When they get to fix the problem, a glitter rain falls on the wings of the sapphires that, in addition, get return gemstones to your world (here we tell you the full story).

As a reflection of this great adventure, the sapphires of Earth, air, water and fire are now a few new figures with glitter. Each of them has in his hands a small precious stone of different colors.

You can get all these new collectible Dragons in different sets of 4 figures with glitter presenting Simba this new season. Each set includes a dragon from each of the families. Thus, the first of them contains Faxus, Aronás, Xara, Nessi. Another’s packs brings to Frammy, Amaya, Xabi, Nanami. The third set includes pretend, Aura, Xenia, Ninazu , and the last one saved to Fidusa, Arkadin, Camilo and Nomus.

What are you waiting for get all of them? Complete your collection with the new figures of dragons sapphires that you can join the characters of the four new families.