Yes, You Can Teach Playing. We Speak with Professor Manuel Sanchez Montero

Spanish education has much to be improved in many ways is more than evident, but it is also true that every time we know more stories from teachers who are taking small steps in this change.

Today Manuel, teacher at the school Angeles cost of Marchena, Seville. Manuel Sánchez Montero It is trying to encourage the participation of children in social activities for the classroom and for that given that develop the gamification classroom is a surefire method. It is of the essence of any game and use it in favour of the education of children that Manuel da class each day.

Manuel has developed two tools that are causing a small but interesting methodological revolution and not only in their school. On the one hand they are “The adventures of Tueli” and on the other hand “Monster Kit” but better be he himself who speaks to us their creations and what you meant in your classroom and beyond.

Manuel, what specifically is “Monster Kit”?

Monster Kit It is a board game that was born in the classrooms of a school. Originally was a resource to teach geometric shapes and basic calculation, but as he was passing the time was having additives to complete its utility. Currently, in addition to entertain and have fun playing, participants develop eye-hand dexterity, starts reading and writing, learning the concept of number and quantity, power simple operations, identify feelings, socialization and acquisition of standards…

A board game with many game modes to suit different ages, with resources for download and a game of role in development.
An improved year-to-year educational resource that can be found in any shop of toys and games.

Good and jobs that we present your creations who is “Tueli”?

“The adventures of Tueli” they are a series of children’s books (awaiting the third volume) where, unlike any book that you can find in a library, It contains a method to improve reading comprehension.This idea came also from the classrooms where he taught class.

Within my reading program I designed an adventure which would be developed with the help of the students. In each chapter the small readers chose among four options how to continue the story.

The name of the main character “Tueli” comes from the words “Yours”.
Due to their success in school, you can find these books at any library in the hands of Ediciones Alfar.

Why did you feel the need to “teach otherwise”?

Times are changing, the students in the classroom are of another generation and we have to mold us to them and not they to us.

It is very difficult to motivate and inspire a student since you wake up surrounded by touch screens, multimedia equipment, etc.. We must innovate to capture their attention and then introduce attractive methodologies and tools for a new way of teaching and learning.
I respect the traditional methods but many times they are boring and little effective for current students.

Where do you click the Spanish educational system, in the Administration, in the system itself, in workplaces, in teachers, parents?

I think everything has to change.

Not we be changing educational laws every two or four years. This has led us to be chaotic and non-egalitarian laws in different communities in our country.

For me the biggest thing to write and implement a law is that they have in mind teachers and families. We are the most important assets in the system. It is no good that a great thinker or teacher who has not walked a school in years (or lifetime) drafted laws utopian or alienated.

Manuel, speak education is almost always speak of Finland is something your school system that like that it implemented in our country?

Above all the teacher training. Today and for many years, teaching faculties and masters training for different grades have sufficient practice nor content suited to school reality.

Another thing that would matter would be the freedom that professionals have to design and implement methodologies. Unhindered and with confidence in the teachers we would have a better educational system.

And keep talking of the future, let us hope that immediate do what space should have ICT in the educational process of our children?

I prefer quality to quantity. No to bring ICT to the classroom by simple fashion. You should use them sparingly and with knowledge. I prefer to educate ICT teaching with ICT.

As I said previously students use them daily and they have sufficient knowledge to use in class but you have to teach them their correct use.

The school must also address inequalities and do their part to give the technological resources to families who may not have them.

Imagine that he played you the lottery and you can only spend the prize in your school what emplearías it?

Improve facilities and change the canteen to a soup kitchen. The facilities and infrastructure of the schools are old and economic help to alleviate costs are slow and untimely. You should always be doing juggling accounts.

Social dining room because… do the children do not feed on vacation? only children are malnourished?

Before say goodbye to Manuel, do you can a couple of titles that you’ve recommended to read this summer your students of 6º A quote?

Don’t recommend any particular book (well, “Adventures of Tueli” Yes, lol).

Always I ask fathers and mothers in the last meeting of course carrying their children to a library or large surface and themselves than those who choose their readings. Da like that is a novel, a comic book, an illustrated album, or stickers! The important thing is that they want to read it.

Always learn from teachers as Manuel, who wanted so much to will apply and are involved with so much enthusiasm in the educational process of children, of the hundreds of children who passed through the classrooms of their school and that it with their ideas and proposals, surely that it puts their grain of sand to be happy and best people.

Both the book and the game that Manuel and his students have designed are assuming a big surprise for everyone, the game has spent several weeks as one of the best sellers lists of large surfaces as the FNAC and the book is serving many children improve their reading comprehension even outside the classroom.

Thank you very much for taking us a while to tell us what you do and how do you it Manuel.