Why Kids Prefer Boxes and Wrapping Instead of The Toy Paper Containing

In the world of children, there are several absolute truths that parents know, and some that we know and that, until we discovered them, cause us some trouble. For example, we know that children have no trouble pulling pedetes or make caca wherever they are (they do not think what will others say if it smells bad), and we know that they have no problems to ask “why” a lot of times, as if suddenly they wanted to know you absolutely everything.

However, we don’t know until we find what we are capable of repeating things that adults tell of others (can hear and then play phrases we say other people, putting us in a serious commitment); and we do not know either that they are able to open gifts and, under the hopeful eyes of relatives who hope that their gift is the best accepted, throw them into the air and keep the box and wrapping paper.

For what my son? Why you do that?

“Look, hehe, looks nice that Grandma has given”, and the child that separates you hand. And you get more things that other relatives have brought him, that you know them devoting precious time to choose it for your child and you feel that it is right to make you a little appreciation, and your son you no longer departs with the hand: He gives his hand to what you put forward, or take it and return it to launch into the air (“and the next Pope, affixes it to you in the face”).

And you feel as if you had you to apologize and say something like “well, is that it is a little confused and overwhelmed with so many people and so much gift. Sure that then plays a lot with it.”

And sometimes it’s true and after the box and paper is that it makes case to the inside, but sometimes not, and nor should we tear us vestments, because the important thing is not the toy, but the game.

Why prefer boxes and wrapping paper

Many people ask is because over the years we have learned that box is nothing more than the place where the content is protected, and the paper is nothing more than a cover that hides it from the inside to cause excitement, curiosity and surprise.

But for them it is not that, it is one gift more for them. In fact, it is like a gift of three or more pieces: the paper, full of colors, with the ability to separate into more pieces, take different forms, to be sucked, trapped in the hands, etc..; box, It turns out that it may be closed or open, fill or empty, can be standing or lying, can “contain” an arm or a foot of the child, or if there is luck and is large, the child whole; and inside, the Toy, It may be a trick, or a genuine rollazo, depending on the interest of the small.

Experts say that the first three years of life are very important at the level of development and learning, because it is when conform the bases of what will come after. Sure, on more than one occasion you have heard or read that “young children are like sponges”. It is true, they are. And what to learn as much as they can of the life, of the environment, of how everything, how should adapt to the society, its running objects that surround them, manipulate them as benefit out of them, etc. We say that they are learning to think and understand what they can do with things, what is its usefulness and decide if they are useful or fun or if they do not serve much.

As well, when they stop to play with a box, or the paper, they are doing just that: get juice. See noise making, how changes of shape, what utility can give, if they fit inside, if they do not fit, what can get, how can take it, how close, how opens, how the paper cover what you need below, how involves what’s inside, and a long etcetera.

Hey, sure, if you put you goggles child of two or three years you will see a montonazo of possibilities on a large piece of wrapping paper, and even more so to a box. Normal to stop this a good time!

Learning is the result of the curiosity of those years, the need to know and understand, and therefore for children can be more interesting in the first years that have indeterminate toys (those that an adult does not know what), that toys with a more or less specific objective.

Yesterday, in the consultation, a couple asked me about the best toys for a child’s year and a half: “I would seek him wooden toys, those you look at them and do not know what to serve, because the most important thing in this age is to develop creativity and imagination, because the most important thing is the game, and not the toy”.

For this reason the free game is so important, so a few weeks ago I had that some children are being schooled too soon, because benefits are when the contents come later and the children have more time to play.

This year, some boxes

Well, it is not true. This year does not regalaré them a few boxes, but the small and medium brought them some large boxes a few days ago and take care of them as gold cloth. They are their big boxes that fit inside, and are their cars, their houses, a castle to join them, and all the things they can imagine there where my mind does not reach.

I think that the next time you have to give something to a child I approach there where sold the larger boxes, and I’m going to make a couple of different size. Sure triumph with my gift.