Why Do Girls Have to Buy All Pink? a Girl of Four Years Reflects about Princesses and Superheroes

Children are very clever and are themselves people who reveal sexism in toys. Riley is a four-year-old girl It reflects in this video about Princesses and superheroes and questioned why children have to accept toys that are imposed on them, he wondered Why do girls have to buy all pink?

Superheroes and other colors, might like girls while children Princesses and pink might like them. Of course!. It is already one of the most viewed videos in the United States, which has put the toy industry in trouble.

Both announcements of toys and the own toy store classified its products in “for children” and “for girls”. Some already are changing it, as in the case of Toys ‘ r ‘ Us in the United Kingdom, which is no longer differentiate toys by sex in their ads. The same we see in its catalog a child pushing a cart of baby a girl playing with a car.

Because not all girls or to all children the same like, some girls do not want to be Princesses and some children do not want to be pirates, but the environment forces them to do so, even many times parents sentenciamos “that’s children” or “that is very girls”.

Toys are only toys. Are game tools for all children, regardless of their sex, and as such, must Let them choose freely with what they want to play.

Riley has hit the nail. We don’t know if they have spoken at home previously topic and found in the toys it recalled it, or if looking at toys and how intends to differentiate them has occurred it to this so successful reflection about Princesses and superheroes.