What are the Meanings of Training?

In Latin it is where we can make clear that the etymological origin of the term training is found. In particular this is the result of the sum of three Latino components such as the prefix ad – which translates as “to”, the word dexter which stands for “right” and finally the suffix – ment equivalent to “result of an action ”

The word training refers to the action and effect of training. This verb, in turn, refers to right-handed, teaching and instructing. Also, as mentioned in the dictionary the word can be synonymous with guiding and directing, especially a blind person.

In any case, the most usual use of the concept of training is related to the act of training and taming an animal. In horsemanship, training is an Olympic discipline that is also known as dressage. Through training, the rider ensures that the horse complies with all its orders with harmony, balance and activity.

The dog training, practiced by millions of people around the world even if they do systematically, is the process by which a person achieves a dog to learn and acquire skills in something. This training can be carried out to achieve basic obedience of the dog, to achieve good canine manners or for the animal to participate in sports competitions.

This type of training, the canine, has aroused great interest around the world thanks to television programs such as the well-known “The Dog Charmer”. A space is presented by the trainer Cesar Millán that has achieved great audience success in all the countries in which it has been broadcast. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Training.

In each of its chapters, the aforementioned presenter showed various techniques and methods to train pets, specifically of the canine type, which often, due to a past of mistreatment or because they had been spoiled by your owners, did not respond to any of the orders that they carried out.

A task, that of Millán, very similar to that carried out in the television program “Malas pulgas” because both spaces on the small screen are trying to teach humans how to educate their pets so that they do not break objects of the house, do not relieve themselves inside the home or are not violent.

In another area, personnel training is a continuous, systematic and organized process that allows the development in a person of the skills, knowledge and abilities necessary to carry out a job efficiently. Training is supposed to complete the selection process by instructing the new employee about the characteristics of their job.

It is important to distinguish between training and training. While the first is the correct learning of skills, the second is the mechanical repetition of an action.

In addition to all the above, we cannot overlook the existence of what is known as military training. Specifically, this is one of the most important activities within an army, since it consists of training and training its members so that they are trained to carry out their missions in the best possible way.