What are the Meanings of Thong Sandals?

The thong sandals at a glance

Thong sandals are similar to classic sandals made of a simple sole that is held on the foot by means of straps. These straps are each led from the outside into the middle of the upper sole area to a point between the big toe and the second toe and are usually connected to the rest of the shoe at a toe bar or directly through a hole in the sole. Check paulfootwear for example products of women’s sandals.

As a result, the sandal is held by the straps over the front instep and by the toes on the foot and is very easy and quick to put on or take off. Depending on the model, there are additional straps on the instep or on the shackles, which provide more support.

A case for orthopedics thanks to toe separators?

It is precisely because of these properties that the thong sandals have also come under fire and are put on an hour with high heels with regard to the harmfulness for the holding apparatus.

The fact is that thong sandals change the gait just as they do when wearing high heels. Since the shoes are only held by the toes, the wearer takes smaller steps and since the usual protective function is rather low with this type of shoe, the force of step is less to compensate for the lack of cushioning. Although this can lead to pain in the legs and feet and ultimately also to problems in the holding apparatus – if a few points are observed, wearing the sandals with toe straps is safe summer fun: Choose a model that offers more support and stability thanks to additional straps that can be individually adjusted in terms of width.

So the shoe fits securely on the foot, which is also reflected positively on the course and on a model with sales on the surefootedness effect. Choose open toe sandals, alternate them with other shoes and on days when you don’t have to walk so much. In this way you avoid overloading and can safely enjoy the purchase of new thong sandals. Or simply choose a model with a footbed.

Tip! Special inserts especially for toe separators avoid chafing from the thong on the toes and help with acclimatization or with sensitive skin. And also for insoles for the purpose of orthopedic treatment there are fashionable thong sandals on the market in which these do not disturb the overall picture at all.

Thong sandals size chart

Ladies Men’s Children
36 (3 inches) 40 (6 inches) 27 (9 inches)
36.5 (3.5 inches) 40.5 (6.5 inches) 27.5 (9.5 inches)
37 (4 inches) 41 (7 inches) 28 (10 inches)
37.5 (4.5 inches) 41.5 (7.5 inches) 29 (10.5 inches)
38 (5 inches) 42 (8 inches) 30 (11 inches)
38.5 (5.5 inches) 42.5 (8.5 inches) 30.5 (11.5 inches)
39 (6 inches) 43 (9 inches) 31 (12 inches)
39.5 (6.5 inches) 43.5 (9.5 inches) 31.5 (12.5 inches)
40 (7 inches) 44 (10 inches) 32 (13 inches)
40.5 (7.5 inches) 44.5 (10.5 inches) 33 (14 inches)
41 (8 inches) 45 (11 inches) 33.5 (1 inches)
41.5 (8.5 inches) 46 (12 inches) 34 (1.5 inches)
42 (9 inches) 34.5 (2 inches)
35 (2.5 inches)
36 (3 inches)

Flip-flops for every occasion

The thong sandals have been and are being reinvented again and again by designers and repurposed for a wide variety of occasions and uses. The first outdoor or trekking sandals, which were developed by Mark Thatcher for rafting and outdoor sports in the 1980s, were initially equipped with a thong. The thong sandal in the form of the famous flip-flop shoe is also popular as a bathing sandal and is very popular not only with women, but also with men and children as casual and practical clothing for being on the water.

Whether the combination with socks is considered to be fashionably acceptable depends on the cultural area and personal taste. In Germany, thong sandals are usually worn without socks. If you still don’t want to do without stockings, you can buy special toe socks with which you can easily wear the sandals with thong even in cooler temperatures.

Thong sandals for women – with heels or trendy applications

The toe sandals are also intended as unisex shoes; however, many labels offer special models for men and women. The toe separators for women are usually made with a moderate heel, usually with a wedge heel. This is particularly comfortable and practical, as you can easily walk with it on the beach or across a summer meadow. The design is usually more detailed and the shaft area or the straps are lavishly decorated with rhinestones, stones or other jewelry applications.

Tip! Sandals in white and blue go perfectly with the maritime look, while shoes in pure white look particularly fresh and also emphasize the effect of tanned skin. A simple model in brown or beige underlines the natural note of a light summer dress with a floral print, while sandals in bright colors give any casual look a particularly cheerful touch.

Buy thong sandals cheaply from well-known suppliers

Thong sandals are offered by a wide variety of companies. In addition to outdoor clothing stores that carry a variety of trekking sandals with thong, there are also many different thong sandals in the bathing shoes area, which are particularly cheap due to their simple production. For the casual look, we recommend toe sandals for city use, which are equipped with a correspondingly firm sole.

You can also find what you are looking for in the orthopedic footwear department. Especially if you have sensitive feet or are looking for sandals for insoles, a specialist shop for orthopedic footwear is a good address, as is such well-known suppliers as the company Birkenstock, which specializes in appropriate footwear.

Furthermore, the normal shoe trade also carries a large selection of attractive thong sandals for men and women. The models from the following companies are particularly popular

  • Birkenstock
  • Buffalo
  • Tamaris
  • Rieker
  • Romika
  • anvil

Most brands are available in retail stores, for example at specialist dealers or in concept stores, as well as in in-house online shops.

Company Birkenstock Romika anvil
Founding year 1774 1921 unknown
Particularities · Repair service as a special offer· extensive instructions for caring for shoes available online · numerous pollutant-free shoes in the range· Free shipping in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg · Member of the dealer association· specialized in beach and water sports clothing

Advantages and disadvantages of thong sandals

  • ideal for warm summer days
  • Can be combined very well with clothes
  • very convenient and practical
  • not suitable for cool weather

Buy cheap thong sandals – this is how you can find cheap offers

Thong sandals are, depending on the material and workmanship, either very cheap or in the middle or even higher price segment. While models made of plastic are quite cheap, the price comparison shows that leather sandals can be quite expensive. If you want to find particularly cheap offers, look for sandals that are offered at reduced prices. In outlets or at factory outlets, demonstration models and exhibits are also often sold at reduced rates. You can also find cheap offers when ordering in the online shop. Many shops have already summarized all offers under the heading Sale and also point out options such as buying thong sandals on account.

Thong sandals