What are the Meanings of Slippers?

Different types

There are different types of slippers. For example, there are slippers for women and men with straps or the slippers have Velcro fasteners. Lately you can also find slippers for women and men with light, so that you can find your way through the apartment at night without danger. The material for the slippers can vary, it gives them out

  • Leather,
  • Lacquer or
  • synthetic materials.

The inside of the slippers women and men is in some cases provided with lambskin or camel hair, so that you will have an even softer, fluffy and warm feeling of comfort when wearing the slippers. Check paulfootwear for example products of slippers.

The slippers are made of soft, supple materials and adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot. In addition, the women’s and men’s slippers ensure that your feet are protected from the cold and wet from below. The slippers are also mostly non-slip and give your feet a secure footing so that you cannot slip and walk with a firm footing. The different models are provided with straps, for example. These are often made of leather or lacquer, are very cozy and also look trendy. The colors of the slippers can look subtle and noble, but bright, colorful models are also not uncommon.

Your mood and your taste are in demand here. If you have the prejudice that women’s and men’s slippers look too casual next to your outfit, you should let the wide, stylish range teach you better. But the slippers also give a comfortable look to a cozy house suit. For some time now there have also been slippers with lights. After all, too often at night many bump into objects that are in the way on the way to the sink or refrigerator. However, the slippers with light now illuminate the way for you and you can move forward safely.

Leading brands

You can discover leading brands in slippers for women and men. These include:

  • Adelheid
  • UGG
  • camper

Tip! Prefer slippers from well-known brands. Because these have proven themselves over the years, they offer consistently high quality and have many satisfied customers. This means you are on the safe side and you do not have to experience any nasty surprises. Your slippers women and men are also more durable and comfortable than models of lower quality. After guaranteeing the quality, consider whether you would prefer a subtle, elegant model or a bright, colorful design. You will quickly find the finish you want.

Adelheid camper UGG
Founding year unknown 1975 1978
Particularities · very detailed accessories and shoes· 100 days right to return · many shoes have the typical thick knobs· Extensive video area in which customers get to know new models or learn how shoes are made · Style guide available· on casual shoes specialized

Features and material

The features of the slippers are characteristic. Because slippers either have straps or they enclose the front foot area. Occasionally, the ladies’ and gentlemen’s slippers are equipped with Velcro fasteners. Usually the slippers have a soft sole that adapts perfectly to the foot. The soles are often non-slip and provide a secure footing. Furthermore, the slippers for women and men protect your feet from the cold and wet and keep your feet comfortably warm. The material of the slippers can be different. The slippers women and men can take off

  • Leather,
  • Lacquer or
  • a synthetic material

With lambskin or camel hair on the inside, the slippers are even more cuddly, fluffy, soft and keep warm.

Size chart slippers

Ladies Men’s Children
36 (3 inches) 40 (6 inches) 27 (9 inches)
36.5 (3.5 inches) 40.5 (6.5 inches) 27.5 (9.5 inches)
37 (4 inches) 41 (7 inches) 28 (10 inches)
37.5 (4.5 inches) 41.5 (7.5 inches) 29 (10.5 inches)
38 (5 inches) 42 (8 inches) 30 (11 inches)
38.5 (5.5 inches) 42.5 (8.5 inches) 30.5 (11.5 inches)
39 (6 inches) 43 (9 inches) 31 (12 inches)
39.5 (6.5 inches) 43.5 (9.5 inches) 31.5 (12.5 inches)
40 (7 inches) 44 (10 inches) 32 (13 inches)
40.5 (7.5 inches) 44.5 (10.5 inches) 33 (14 inches)
41 (8 inches) 45 (11 inches) 33.5 (1 inches)
41.5 (8.5 inches) 46 (12 inches) 34 (1.5 inches)
42 (9 inches) 34.5 (2 inches)
35 (2.5 inches)
36 (3 inches)

Colors and sizes

The colors of the slippers are different. Whether you want noble, subtle colors, such as gray, black, white, brown or beige, or rather imagine brightly colored, brightly colored models as the perfect slippers for women and men, is entirely up to you. You can also choose fine pastel shades that will set you great, trendy accents. No matter which version you want, you are sure to find what you are looking for in the wide range.

There are different sizes for slippers. You will usually find the standard sizes for women, men and children. But now many companies are due to a greater demand gladly under- and sizes ago. If you would like to know which slippers women and men are available in your personal shoe size, all you have to do is enter your shoe size in the detailed search. All models that are available in your own shoe size will then appear in front of you.


The occasions for slippers are clear. Because slippers women and men are intended for the time that you spend in your home. With the help of the slippers you have a secure, non-slip position in your home, your feet are kept pleasantly warm and your feet are given a comfortable, cozy cover.

Advantages and disadvantages of slippers

  • secure hold even on smooth floors
  • comfortably warm feet
  • depending on the material, your feet can sweat in it

Slippers on sale

In the sale it is possible for you to discover inexpensive slippers for women and men. If you find slippers cheap, you should buy them because you get good quality at a lower price. It is very convenient to purchase the slippers on account, as you receive the slippers first and then only pay for them after they are suitable. Find cheap slippers women and men that seem almost cheap because the price of these is so much reduced.

Buying slippers in the online shop is extremely convenient. After all, you only need to order the slippers women and men from your apartment and after a short time they will be on their way to your doorstep with delivery. A price comparison is therefore always recommended in order to find the best offers.

Take a moment to look through the wide range of slippers and then decide on the model that convinces you in terms of quality and has all the properties you want. You can choose the colors and designs according to your personal taste. Whether you choose classic, noble colors and designs or prefer brightly colored, motley models, depends on your taste and your wishes.