What are the Meanings of Sandals?

The different types of sandals

Sandals are common as a shoe shape all over the world, but are divided into different subcategories. The classification is based on the intended use, the gender of the person wearing it, the strap design, as with the T-bar sandals or the sole. If sandals are accessible to women and men and, in some cases, can also be worn as a unisex model by both sexes, sandals are usually reserved for women and girls due to their higher heels, which can be shaped very differently. These sandals with heels can be of moderate height, but also in the area of high heels fall and be provided with a stiletto heel, platform heel, wedge heel or a funnel heel. Models with angular block heels are also less common. The toe sandals are characterized by the fact that two straps are led from the sides of the shoe to the point between the big toe and the second toe. A sub-form of this is the flip-flop, which has become increasingly popular in Germany over the last few decades as an alternative to bathing sandals that are worn near water or when swimming. Also the gym sandals is worn as part of a sports outfit and is part of the clothing of gymnasts. This area also includes hiking or outdoor sandals, which are also offered under the name of trekking sandals or sports sandals and are designed for the special needs of outdoor sports and therefore have a sophisticated strap system made of adjustable Velcro straps and a supporting edge and are therefore firmly attached to the foot sits. The cross-strap sandal is characterized by its special shaft design and is considered very feminine, while the baker’s sandal is closed at the front and the material is only interrupted by minimal slits. Check paulfootwear for example products of sandals.

Sandals for women and men – fashionable and varied

The most diverse types of sandals in a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs are available on the market. Strikingly decorated models with rhinestones, glitter particles or large applications can also be found, as well as sporty sandals. If the sandals should be silver or gold, this is no longer a problem. Hip designers have reinterpreted the sandals, mocked as Jesus’ slippers, and present expressive sandals in their collections that pick up on new trends and can be both feminine and sporty. If the sandals are colored gold or have a different metallic shade, they go perfectly with the party outfit, while models in natural tones such as brown or moss green harmonize wonderfully with a romantic summer look, while in blue or white they take up the maritime look. Refined cut-outs and hole patterns make the straps of the sandals real eye-catchers and make the shoe even more airy and more than comfortable to wear even in very hot temperatures.

Tip! If you want it to be more elegant, we recommend a sandal with a slight heel, such as a platform sandal or a model with a wedge or a wider funnel heel. With these types of heels, women can also venture on cobblestones or a summer meadow.

For young girls, too, sandals can be silver and other metallic combinations such as sandals in gold and copper tones are also popular. While the elegant models are cut rather narrow for the evening, there are also sandals for wide feet, which are particularly comfortable due to their ergonomic shape and are therefore also a good choice for people who are on their feet all day. In many cases, these models are also equipped with the protective properties typical of shoes, such as a cushioning sole.

Tip! For men there are mainly sporty outdoor sandals, but there are also some models in a retro look or with a very classic cut. These are then made of cool smooth leather or soft suede, while the sports sandals are made of breathable synthetic fibers.

Buy sandals – you will find them here

Sandals are among the absolute classics of summer shoes and are available for purchase in normal shoe stores as well as in fashion boutiques, larger department stores and specialty shops for outdoor clothing and sports equipment. While some types of sandals are designed as unisex shoes, such as flip flops or other bathing sandals, other types of sandals such as sandals are only offered by the sellers in the women’s collections or for young girls.

Therefore, some types of sandals are available in all common shoe sizes, while others are only offered in the standard sizes for women, or occasionally in children’s sizes.

In addition to the haute couture models, which are very cost-intensive in direct price comparison, there are also sandals from the medium or low price segment on the market, so that there should be a nice model for every budget. The price mostly depends on the provider, the material used and the type of sandal. For example, flip-flops are very cheap due to their cheap material and low production costs, while leather sandals with heels and elaborate decorative elements such as cut-outs are tested in the sandals test is significantly more expensive.

Popular providers include the following labels

  • Tamaris
  • Rieker
  • Buffalo
  • Superfit
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Gabor

While some of the brands mentioned above primarily have models for women, others also offer collections for men.

Company s Oliver Tommy Hilfiger Corporation Gabor Shoes AG
Founding year 1969 1985 1949
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Advantages and disadvantages of the sandals

  • various designs and colors
  • both models for sporty and elegant style
  • different sub-categories
  • usually only suitable for summer months

Buy sandals cheaply in the online shop – uncomplicated and fast

You can buy sandals not only in retail stores, but also very conveniently on the Internet. Most shoe labels now have their own online shop or offer their articles for sale on other portals. You can order the cheapest offers here by shipping. Here, too, there are promotions such as a sale or a summer sale, in which items are offered at reduced prices or other discounts are available.

Independent websites can help with price comparisons, and reviews from other customers can help you choose. In addition, most online shops are provided with a detailed service section, in which the various payment methods, such as the option to order the sandals on account or in advance, and also return rights and shipping options are presented.