What are the Meanings of Pumps?

More, more, more color please! Pumps on sale

Pumps like those by Manolo Blahnik (known from Sex and the City – satin pumps blue) or Louboutin (black pumps with red soles) cost almost a small fortune when compared to other brands. What can be done about it? Clear case: a sale! Top brands at low prices and in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes offer a wide variety of sale categories. In the direct price comparison, some leading brands emerged, which were able to score with particularly favorable offers:

  • Gabor
  • Buffalo
  • Ruby Shoo
  • Hugo Boss
  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Louboutin
  • Jimmy Choo

Trends are often set by the red carpet of Hollywood stars, for example beige pumps, silver pumps, blue pumps and black pumps have been an indispensable part of the stars and starlets for years. Check paulfootwear for example products of pumps. But which colors are right on trend and which ones are still in store for us? Beautiful colors on sale – such as white, red, gold, pink and rose – from top brands, but which shouldn’t be missing in any shoe cabinet?

  • Mint
  • Dusty pink
  • Petrol
  • Gray
  • Yellow
  • Coral
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Dark blue

But single-colored pumps are no longer sufficient, because elegant and single-colored pumps are long-running, but they are no longer just a hit. More color! The chic pumps should be a colorful variety for simple dresses.

  • Pumps silver & white
  • Blue & gold pumps
  • Pumps beige & red
  • Black & Pink Pumps
  • Pumps beige & pink
  • Pumps silver & pink

It is clear that the colors are absolutely feminine. A good online shop offers to order pumps on account. So if you are not sure whether the color combination really fits the intended dress, you can have the elegant, colorful pumps sent to you on account and only pay when they really fit perfectly.

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Different types for different tastes

Women are very different characters, so the pumps market also demands a huge variety of types. A modern lady is very creative when it comes to her wardrobe, so cheap pumps have to be very varied. Pumps cheap, modern, colorful and in different styles? The sale makes it possible! Not only are there different types, but also different characteristics / materials.

  • Cap Toe Pumps: Shoes where the toes can be seen. Particularly chic with a lacquer look.
  • Trotteur pumps: Rather flat shoes for everyday use. Elegant in suede or rough leather.
  • Party pumps: Super high shoes, mostly with a stiletto heel. There are no limits to either the colors or the materials. Buckles, clasps, spikes, metal, leather, lacquer and fabric, everything is allowed, as long as the pumps match the outfit.
  • Evening pumps: Should be kept monochrome, they can be playful, however. Buckles, flowers and straps are welcome. The shoes are a little flatter than party pumps. Leather, lacquer and fabric are preferred as materials.
  • Platform pumps: are based on the party pumps and can therefore also be strident. All materials are allowed.

But that’s not all, the most varied of features can also be quickly enumerated / explained:

  • Pumps with straps
  • Wedge pumps
  • Pumps with laces
  • Red sole pumps (Louboutin)
  • Pumps with spikes
  • Pumps with clips

Tip! So a sale has a lot to offer. Buying pumps cheaply or ordering pumps at reduced prices from Gabor or similar providers are the best alternatives at full prices from world brands. But these can also be found in a sale, so Manolos or Louboutin can also be got hold of cheap bargains at affordable prices.

Which pumps color for which occasion?

It is clear that on occasions more attention is paid to the color than to the type. Pumps with playful straps can also be worn at a funeral service, but not in red. Beige pumps are based on the skin tone and can almost always be worn. So if you want to buy pumps for special occasions, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also to whether the color is suitable.

  • Funeral service: classic black for close relatives, dark blue for friends and acquaintances.
  • Wedding: Everything, just not white! The colors white and cream are reserved for the bride alone, but your own shoes can be brightly colored.
  • Date: A date calls for sensual colors such as red, black, bordeaux or pink.
  • Office: Gray is the color for the office because it conveys competence. However, silver pumps are also perfectly fine.
  • Ball night: A lavish ball night calls out for elegant pumps in gold. However, always make sure that the shoe color matches the dress.

The variety of colors in pumps is almost limitless. The basic rule, however, is to wear a single-colored shoe with a colorful outfit.

Advantages and disadvantages of the pumps

  • available in all imaginable colors
  • in different designs
  • all common sizes available
  • suitable for almost every occasion
  • large price range between individual models