What are the Meanings of Position?

Cargo is the act of loading (putting or putting weight on someone or something, loading goods into a vehicle to transport them, imposing a lien or an obligation on something or someone). The term can be used as a synonym for load (weight).

The concept of position is also used to name a job, trade or responsibility. For example: “I am the general manager of an international hotel”, “Are you interested in the position? You should complete the form and deliver it to the Human Resources department ”, “ I have been waiting for this moment for ten years: I always wanted to occupy a managerial position in this company ”.

The obligation to do or fulfill something is also known as a charge; in this case, the responsibility includes the care of a material asset, the supervision of a project or the protection of a living being, among other possibilities. Let’s look at some example sentences: “I recommend you talk to Dr. Brown, who is in charge of the case”, “I think I am not qualified to have people in charge”, “Please take care of this problem while I go to the bank to do a procedure ”.

For accounting, economics and business, a charge is an amount that must be satisfied or a payment that must be made: “If you are interested, I can extend the TV warranty for a small extra charge”, “We are offering a free theater class so that the neighbors can get to know our school “, ” They charged me a charge of ten pesos for paying the bill with a credit card.

The imputation to a subject of conduct unlawful, finally, can also be named as charge: “The police read his charges to the detainee and then moved to the police station”, “The defendant pleaded not guilty to all charges”.

Higher paid positions

Every year, various consultancies around the world publish their forecasts about the jobs that they believe will be especially sought after and better paid. The most recent reports show that in the medical field, the position of Surgeon specializing in Cardiology, Oncology or Traumatology offers the highest salary in its class. Some of the profiles that follow are those of a pediatrician, gynecologist and dermatologist. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Position.

On the other hand, there is the position of Market Access Manager, which translates as Market Access Manager. It is part of the health field and it is the person in charge of studying the stages of research and development of products and their prices, and their evolution throughout their life cycle. With a salary three times less, there is the position of Sales Representative.

The Sales Directors are in third place; This occupation, which belongs to the field of law and finance, surpasses in salary the most demanded position of its group: that of Financial Analyst. A Sales Director aims to negotiate and create agreements with suppliers, both nationally and internationally, make key decisions for a company and closely analyze costs. Large companies require this role to achieve the greatest possible savings, thanks to their deep analytical skills.

In the engineering world there is no better paid professional profile than that of Project Engineer. He is the person who is in charge of coordinating the projects developed by the companies, the relationships with the clients, the analysis of the contracting technique, the dealings with the subcontractors and the resolution of problems due to lack of compliance. In addition, he is the one who proposes measures to prevent or correct potential risk situations, and is the most responsible when reviewing projects and putting the final touches on budgets and quality control.