What are the Meanings of Personnel Marketing? Part II

What areas are there in personnel marketing?

Personnel marketing is made up of two areas. From internal personnel marketing and from external personnel marketing.

External personnel marketing

The aim of external personnel marketing, which is aimed at future potential employees, is that you present yourself to your customers and your applicants as an employer who is perceived as attractive, social and interesting. With external personnel marketing, you are addressing specialists as well as executives. The following measures are available for external HR marketing:

  • Implementation of application days
  • Development of an applicant management
  • Use of social media and social recruiting
  • Job advertisements through classic job advertisements
  • Establishment and offer for internships, preparation for bachelor or master theses
  • attractive remuneration models that are above the usual market remuneration
  • Study offers or offers for an apprenticeship
  • Offer trainee programs
  • Recruiting at technical colleges and universities

Internal personnel marketing

Internal personnel marketing is a little more difficult to understand. Roughly speaking, you can include all the measures that relate to the climate and culture in your company and are about the jobs in your company. The aim of internal personnel marketing is to get your employees to adopt a positive attitude towards your company. They need to develop an emotional bond and increase loyalty to you as an employer. You have to encourage internal employees, motivate them and keep them loyal to you. With external personnel marketing you improve your image to the outside world, with internal personnel marketing you improve the image in the company. The following measures are available to you for this:

  • Develop a mission statement for your company
  • Create opportunities for further education and training
  • Create career programs and define career planning with employees
  • Creation of jobs in the home office
  • Offer employees social benefits, such as a company pension scheme
  • Start actions to motivate employees
  • Organize team events
  • Offer special remuneration models, for example company cars, pecuniary benefits, etc.
  • Establish childcare in the company

You have to pay attention to this in personnel marketing

In the area of ​​personnel marketing, you have to make sure that you define four specific areas. These areas are

  • Employee recognition and evaluation
  • Recruiting and searching for talent – Active Sourcing
  • Employee retention and engagement
  • Employee ambassadors
Areas Description
Employee recognition and evaluation In personnel marketing, feedback and suggestions from employees and applicants play an important role. As an employer, you have to approach your employees and also listen to them when they have something to say. But not just once, but really at regular intervals. You will see how many opportunities you get, for example to find solutions to problems. It is also important that you evaluate the work of your employees, give them feedback and reward them with what they have earned.
Recruiting and searching for talent As an entrepreneur, one of your goals must be to keep your eyes open for talent and attract them to you. You have to try to retain employees who are already working for you in the long term with personnel marketing. But you can only do both if you create the necessary incentives. In order to be able to achieve this, however, you have to know what needs your employees have. Together with their needs, you can align this with your strategic corporate goals.
Employee retention and engagement Employees are just as important to you as having enough customers. You have to bind them to you and convince them of your qualities just as you do with customers. Try to develop and establish programs with which you can promote employees and thus get more out of them, which is entirely in the interests of your company.
Employee ambassadors If you install a so-called employee ambassador as part of personnel marketing, this will help you to present and position yourself as an attractive employer. The best way to do this is through social media channels. Deploy one or more employees, depending on the size of your company, and have your company presented and presented in the best light via Twitter, blogs or posts. This attracts attention from new potential employees, but also from your customers.

Personnel marketing in conjunction with employer branding and employer branding

Personnel marketing is also an interplay between the creation of an employer brand and employer branding. Above all, employer branding is a very important instrument in the area of ​​personnel marketing and employer branding. This instrument includes all measures that are strategically important for you in order to create and also increase the employer brand.

This is the only way to make it possible to be recognized and perceived as an attractive employer. However, you have to make sure that the employer branding is aligned in such a way that it also fits your target group. It must match the following criteria:

  • your target group needs to be addressed through their preferred media
  • the employer branding must match your communication as an employer brand
  • it depends on the size of your company and your budget

Important! With employer branding, you have to instill positive attitudes in the recipient. You have to convey certain values ​​and characteristics that affect the emotional level, the level of action and the level of behavior and which emphasize your qualities as an employer.

What phases are there in employer branding?

Regardless of whether you intend to create an employer brand or want to redesign your employer brand, you have to consider several phases. As an entrepreneur, you have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do you want to reach as a company with your employer brand (which target group)?
  • Are there specific goals that you want to pursue with the employer brand?
  • The goals should be achieved in which time window?
  • How should your messages as an employer be disseminated both internally and externally?
  • How much does it cost you to create an employer brand and how many resources do you need for it?
  • Does the design of a new employer brand also have consequences or effects on your existing employees?
  • Which instruments do you intend to use to measure success and which key figures do you need for the measurement?

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