What are the Meanings of Personnel Marketing? Part I

One of your greatest challenges as an entrepreneur is to always make sure that you have enough qualified employees in your company. This starts with the establishment of your company and runs through the entire period of your entrepreneurship. To be able to ensure this, you need well-functioning personnel marketing.

What is HR Marketing?

Personnel marketing means more than just recruiting and hiring new employees . Rather, you have to see HR marketing as a product to be marketed. In this case, the product is called the workplace in your company. In this day and age with a shortage of skilled workers and many great job offers, personnel marketing is very important to you. You have to be able to present yourself as an entrepreneur in an interesting and attractive way. This is the only way to arouse the interest of potential new employees. It is not enough to have satisfied and highly qualified employees in your ranks. You have to manage to bind these employees to you and your company. This clearly means that your personnel marketing must not only be aimed in one direction.

What are the goals of personnel marketing?

Personnel marketing, also known as HR marketing, primarily serves to make yourself known as an employer, as already described above. This already names a main goal that you are pursuing with personnel marketing. Further goals are:

  • Personnel marketing helps you to make the employer brand more successful and a lot better known
  • With personnel marketing you manage to bring employees with high qualifications and skills into your company
  • You have to retain particularly capable and high-performing employees in your company. You can do this more easily with good personnel marketing
  • With personnel marketing you can create a pool of talent that you can then access in the future. In addition to normal talent management , you can also operate what is known as talent relationship management

How do you implement personnel marketing correctly?

First and foremost, you have to be aware that personnel marketing is not a process that involves a single action and always goes in the same direction. Personnel marketing refers to a number of measures that you have to use in a very targeted manner. It is important that personnel marketing is carried out by someone who also knows about it. There are a few strategies you can use to implement personnel marketing successfully.

Strategies Description
Speak a language In order to attract the attention and interest of potential employees, you have to employ more than just one strategy. As an attractive employer, you need a marketing mix for your messages. Especially if your target group is the younger generation, you need to address them. This can be done with videos, with an interactive website and of course via social media. The best personnel marketing happens virally, but only ever in one language. This means that you have to stick to your corporate identity , regardless of the medium.
Attend events In employer branding, one of the most efficient methods is to always and regularly take part in certain events. However, these events have to form a certain connection to your work. At these events, it is very easy to find skilled workers or young talents who are a perfect match for your company.
Keep the website up to date What use is the best website to you if it is not up to date. This is especially true in the area of ​​careers / job offers. Anyone looking for a job will also find out more about your company. And it is important that your job offers are always up to date.
Placing advertisements If you are looking for external employees, you cannot do without the placement of job advertisements. You can do this on social media and on corresponding job portals. But make sure that you reach your target group with an ad . Also, it shouldn’t be a blah ad. It has to be informative and arouse interest and ideally be widely spread.
create incentives Personnel marketing is not just about finding new external employees. There may also be employees within your company who are very well suited to filling a particular position. For this it is important that your personnel marketing is structured in such a way that you recognize the strengths and weaknesses, the potential of your employees. And ultimately you are also taking the first step towards employee loyalty. Creating incentives is also a good method of retaining highly qualified employees in the long term. Incentives can be promotions, pecuniary benefits, company cars, etc.
Measure measures In order to be able to decide whether your personnel marketing is effective, you have to measure constantly. What fits your corporate culture, which employees go with you to achieve goals? In which areas is there room for improvement? How can you improve or promote your employees? That has to be constantly checked and measured.

When does personnel marketing make sense?

Are you a sole trader or a small business owner, then of course personnel marketing doesn’t make sense to you. But as a small or medium-sized entrepreneur, as well as for large companies, you cannot do without it. In short, HR marketing makes sense when you employ people. And the more employees there are, the more important it becomes. The reason for this is very simple. As an entrepreneur, if you want to lead your company competitively into the future, you also need the best employees. And as you probably know or have already noticed yourself, qualified employees are more than in demand these days and are difficult to find. Personnel marketing creates the basis for you to both attract new employees and retain existing employees. Both are possible through targeted HR marketing.

Personnel marketing also promotes your image

With good personnel marketing, you not only secure the process in your company . You can also significantly increase your image with it. With very good personnel marketing, you can also show your customers or business partners that you are a good entrepreneur who can also be built on in the future. As a fair and social employer, you can even further develop your business and be more successful.

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