What are the Meanings of Outdoor Shoes?

Buy outdoor shoes for the whole family

If you like to be active in the great outdoors and spend a lot of time outdoors either at work or in your free time, you should definitely pay attention to the right footwear and consider the affordable range of outdoor shoes when choosing.

As their name suggests, outdoor shoes are specially designed for use in the great outdoors and are therefore mostly made of very robust and stable materials that can withstand wind and weather and offer the wearer sufficient protection and safety. Some outdoor shoes are offered as unisex shoes, but a large part of the range is divided into collections for women and men.

The shoes are also offered for children in an age-appropriate design. That is why you can usually find outdoor shoes in all common shoe sizes for women and men in specialist shops and online shops. Outdoor shoes inspire women and men alike, as the manufacturers pay attention to the special needs of the respective target group, both in terms of cut and design. Check paulfootwear for example products of outdoor shoes.

Tip! The offer for children is a bit more manageable, but definitely interesting and perfect for little fans of fresh air.

The version as a half-height ankle boot, which offers enough support for the ankle, is particularly popular, but low shoes and boots can also be found among the outdoor shoes. The airier version, the outdoor sandal, is particularly recommended for the warm months in summer, while the purchase of lined ankle boots and boots in winter is a good choice.

The outdoor shoes recommendations – which materials cut in the Test report summaries good?

Outdoor shoes are tested again with every hike and sometimes have to withstand extreme loads.

Therefore, it is advisable not to simply buy any product cheaply, but to trust the experiences and recommendations of other users and testimonials and Test report summaries read carefully. The first options for decision-making arise with the material used. Outdoor shoes are usually made either from leather or special functional fibers.

Articles made of leather receive the best ratings, as the shoes are very soft and made of natural materials. Naturally water-repellent, the leather can be waterproof by means of impregnation and is still breathable. This ensures a healthy foot climate – even on sweaty hikes.

Tip! In addition, when properly cared for, the material is particularly long-lasting and durable and so robust that even rubble and debris cannot damage your feet.

The shoes made from synthetic materials are less durable in the test away. Nevertheless, are also found hereComparison winner, because these outdoor shoes know how to convince with their lightness, flexibility and easy care. In addition, they dry relatively quickly and are comfortable to wear even at high temperatures.

Feet dry in all weathers

In order to be able to guarantee dry feet even in wind and weather, the manufacturers often use special membranes such as Gore Tex in their outdoor shoes. These membranes are waterproof, provided that the outside temperature differs significantly from the body temperature of the wearer. Only then can the moisture generated in the shoe be conducted out of the shoe, so that a dry foot climate can be maintained and unpleasant odors can be avoided.

Outdoor shoes size chart

Ladies Men’s Children
36 (3 inches) 40 (6 inches) 27 (9 inches)
36.5 (3.5 inches) 40.5 (6.5 inches) 27.5 (9.5 inches)
37 (4 inches) 41 (7 inches) 28 (10 inches)
37.5 (4.5 inches) 41.5 (7.5 inches) 29 (10.5 inches)
38 (5 inches) 42 (8 inches) 30 (11 inches)
38.5 (5.5 inches) 42.5 (8.5 inches) 30.5 (11.5 inches)
39 (6 inches) 43 (9 inches) 31 (12 inches)
39.5 (6.5 inches) 43.5 (9.5 inches) 31.5 (12.5 inches)
40 (7 inches) 44 (10 inches) 32 (13 inches)
40.5 (7.5 inches) 44.5 (10.5 inches) 33 (14 inches)
41 (8 inches) 45 (11 inches) 33.5 (1 inches)
41.5 (8.5 inches) 46 (12 inches) 34 (1.5 inches)
42 (9 inches) 34.5 (2 inches)
35 (2.5 inches)
36 (3 inches)


The following well-known brands receive particularly good reviews:

  • Solomon
  • Iowa
  • Adidas
  • North Face
  • Meindl
Meindl North Face Lowa
Founding year 1928 1968 1923
Particularities · Size chart for shoes· Presentation of the areas of application of the respective shoes · founded by environmental activist and eco-entrepreneur Douglas Tompkins· Market leader in winter and outdoor clothing · numerous care tips for shoes· six test centers for hikers and mountaineers

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor shoes

  • also available as an airy sandal
  • many models are waterproof
  • uncomplicated care and cleaning
  • less suitable for indoor sports

Buy cheap outdoor shoes – you will find it here

If you want to buy these branded shoes particularly cheaply, you should choose goods that have already been reduced, for example in the sale, at discount campaigns or in the online shop for sales. If you want to order by post, you should plan follow-up costs for shipping and possible returns and buy the outdoor shoes on account, if possible. A price comparison helps to find the best deals for you.

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