What are the Meanings of Life Cycle?

What is Life Cycle?

Life cycle is the vital process of an organism from its birth to its death.

Cycle refers to a circular movement, projected in time, where what dies serves as a birth for the repetition of the same cycle. In this way, the birth of a seed, for example, implies death in the life cycle of a fruit or flower.

In general, the life cycle is divided into four stages: birth, development, reproduction and death. These phases of a life cycle are applicable to all people and things.

Life cycle in natural sciences

In the natural sciences, the life cycle is taught in schools with an outline of the hummingbird or turtle life cycle. Thus, children will be able to relate those same stages in the most complex biological processes that they will learn later in the curriculum.

Human life cycle

The human life cycle is divided into these general basic stages defined as birth, youth, adulthood and old age. They are characterized as follows:

From birth to youth, the human being requires care and conditions to reach youth.

From youth to adulthood, it is the phase where social and psychological learning is cultivated and generated, in preparation for adulthood.

From adulthood to old age, is the period when maturity in the ability to reproduce is reached and there are social labor relations.

In old age, also called third or fourth age, people are physically more fragile and need more care in their health and rest.

Life cycle of a project

The life cycle of a project is used in all areas where planning is needed to achieve an objective, especially in matters related to construction and research.

The life cycles of a project begin, in general, with a preliminary project in which the objectives to be achieved are briefly outlined, in general terms, to give an idea of ​​what is intended to be concretized in the future project.

In a research project, for example, after the completion of the preliminary project, we proceed to write, search for theoretical bases, define strategies and methods to achieve the stated objectives. Next, the necessary resources will be searched for its execution and the timetables that will determine the completion times of each step.

Life cycle of a product

The life cycle of a product (CVP) is represented by 4 stages, being them: the introduction, the growth, the maturity and the decline.

In management and marketing, the maturity stage of a product is the moment in which greater stability and profit will be generated, therefore, the strategies proposed in both areas will seek ways to maintain this stage for as long as possible.

What is Life Cycle