What are the Meanings of Knative?

Knative is a platform that is based on Kubernetes and also builds on Istio. Workloads can be created, deployed and managed without a server. The container’s own advantages are retained.

Knative is a suitcase word that is made up of ” Kubernetes ” and “native”. It describes that this is a platform that is “naturally” based on Kubernetes and Istio.

Knative was developed by Google in the lead. But more than 50 other companies are still working on the open source platform. Knative provides this central components to Serverless Applications, speak serverless applications to create and execute in Kubernetes.

Knative’s job is to combine the advantages of serverless applications and containers . Specifically, these are the following advantages:

  • automatic scaling
  • no worries about the infrastructure (apps run locally, in the cloud or in the data center)
  • simple and comprehensive implementation of security concepts
  • In-cluster builds
  • Scale-to-Zero
  • Eventing frameworks
  • Any language and any framework can be used for development, as Knative can recognize container images as deployment units
  • Support of common development patterns such as GitOps, DockerOps, ManualOps

Developers only have one task left: writing the code. Time-consuming secondary tasks, which are often associated with other platforms, are no longer necessary.

The components of Knative

Google says that Knative offers “a set of reusable components”. These primarily served to solve more difficult tasks, which, however, occurred every day. In concrete terms, however, there are only three components so far:

  • Eventing for the delivery and management of recurring events
  • Serving so that it can be scaled as required
  • Building to implement the source-to-container build orchestration

However, other components will be added. For example, it should be possible to forward and manage traffic during deployment . Knative can also be easily integrated into existing build and CI / CD toolchains. This enables those who work with open source first technologies to move workloads to exactly where they can be done most effectively.

Easily explained: This is how the Knative concept works

Metaphorically speaking, Knative is an assembly line for developers. Everything is provided and automatically regulated that is required for coding. It is only a matter of putting the code modules together “on the assembly line”. As a result, Knative also offers great advantages for the subsequent ops teams, as the applications can be compared and calculated to a certain extent.