What are the Meanings of Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking, as a positioning strategy, is a set of techniques and marketing methods aimed at the growth of a company startup or emerging.

The growth hacking in this sense, uses creativity, analytical thinking and the study of trends and user behavior to tailor your strategy, get to sell your product and gain more exposure. Their quintessential tool is social networks, which are free, have a global reach and allow them to spread their content quickly through viralization.

The fundamental objective of growth hacking is the growth of the company, and it arises in response to a common problem among emerging companies: they do not have money or do not have enough to allocate to traditional marketing. Hence, creativity is an essential ingredient, because it allows, through innovative approaches, to create a sufficiently relevant impact on the audience that translates into growth, connection with the user and income.

Some companies that apply or have applied growth hacking are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, AirBnB, Dropbox, Spotify, Udemy and Youtube,

Growth hacker

Growth hacker is the positioning strategist. It is the person in charge, within a company, of analyzing and devising low-cost and innovative alternatives to build the growth and positioning of a brand. They use creativity, data analysis, the use of search engine optimization techniques, among other things.