What are the Meanings of Freelancer?

Freelancer is the English term for freelancer, freelancers are mostly freelancers in certain industries. The freelancer usually carries out tasks in a project for companies personally, the work of the freelancer is contractually agreed. The freelancer is not a normal employee, he is not integrated into the company. SeeĀ ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Freelancer.

Definition of freelancer

A freelancer is a free employee who receives assignments from one employer, but usually from several employers. He is not employed as an employee. A freelancer differs from a freelancer in that the term freelancer does not refer to the employment relationship, but to very specific professions. Freelancer is the collective term for certain scientific and artistic professions, for example doctors, psychologists, lawyers or architects, whereas freelancers often take on the tasks of a developer or in the marketing department.

A freelancer is not synonymous with a freelancer, the term freelancer refers to the employment relationship. The term freelancer says nothing about the profession.

Characteristics of freelancers

A freelancer is usually a freelancer who mostly works in the fields of IT, consulting or advertising. This is usually hired for a limited time, for a specific project. Once a freelance project has been completed, the freelancer can look for a new project in the company again. Freelancers can work as freelancers, but a freelancer doesn’t necessarily have to be a freelancer. Freelancers mostly have a high level of qualification or specialization. You are often registered with the tax office as a freelancer or trader.

The working conditions for can be freely designed in terms of location and working hours. The freelancer is not entitled to a job on the company’s premises. He is not integrated into the organizational structure of the company and is not bound by instructions. Payment is made by the hour on the basis of a service contract or on a flat-rate basis on the basis of a service contract. The freelancer’s income fluctuates from month to month, depending on the employment and the monthly activity. The freelancer is responsible for the acquisition of clients and can work for several clients. He is responsible for the social security and taxation of the income, he is not subject to social insurance. A freelancer has no claims to

  • Protection against dismissal
  • Paid vacation
  • Continued payment of wages in the event of illness.

Differentiation of freelancers from freelancers

Freelancers are characterized by their freelance work; unlike employees in the company, they are not bound by instructions and not subject to social security contributions, they are self-employed.

In contrast to this, freelancers are marked according to their type of activity and assigned to a list of freelance professions. Freelancers can work as freelancers, a freelancer can also be a trader. In reality, the employment relationship with many freelancers is the same as with permanent employees. For the employer, this has the advantage that he does not have to pay any social security contributions. In these cases it is a question of bogus self-employment, the freelancer can sue his client and demand employment as a normal employee.

What freelancers should consider

At banks, for example when opening an account and granting loans, freelancers are considered self-employed. Freelancers have to register; they need a tax number from the tax office in order to be officially authorized to carry out their work. Freelancers who want to operate a business must register a business with the trade office . It is important to adhere to deadlines so that freelancers do not receive any fines. The tax office determines whether a freelancer operates a business. A freelancer is not limited to a certain income, freelancers can earn different amounts of income.

Order acquisition from freelancers

Freelancers can acquire their orders and information via networks, but increasingly also via the Internet. Networks for freelancers from various areas can be found on the Internet, but there are also platforms from which freelancers can acquire their jobs. It is not uncommon for freelancers to get their jobs through recommendations from companies for which they already work.