What are the Meanings of Flip Flops?

Flip flops as a fashionable summer accessory

Often flips flops are confused with thong sandals. But what are real flip flops? In order to find “real” flip flops, the material and the structure of the summer shoes are crucial. Flip flops are made of water-resistant plastic materials and the construction of the shoes is simple and simple. The straps of the flip flops are inserted through holes in the single-layer sole and anchored. The sole of the flip flops is between one and two centimeters thick and rarely offers a cushioning function. Often flip flops are confused with thong sandals, which are made of leather or fabric. Due to the simple structure, the design is often played with in the production of flip flops. There are, for example, simple monochrome models in black, white, blue or red, but the number of unusual designs is increasing. In addition to neon colors and animal prints, there are also flip flops with fur applications. Check paulfootwear for example products of flip-flops.

Flip flops women models, flip flops wedding models, flip flops with footbed and flip flops for men and children are offered by the following manufacturers:

  • s Oliver
  • Puma
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • esprit
  • Reef
  • O’Neill

Flip flops as an eye-catcher outside of the beach

Since the actual plastic flip flops are being modified more and more, they are becoming more and more suitable for leisure time. Because the flip flops test shows that it is best to endure hot temperatures in flip flops. There are now flip flops made of leather and raffia, for example. Flip flops women models are pepped up with a heel or wedge heel. That is why flip flops can be combined well with shorts, skirts, dresses or with skinny jeans.

Flip flops in gold or white with rhinestones look particularly good at a beach or garden party. Make sure that the material does not look too cheap but has a more noble character. Of course, the color of the flip flops should match the rest of the outfit. Applications such as rhinestones, pearls, bows and glitter make flip flops ladies’ models look more elegant.

Men combine flip flops in black, gray or blue with casual jeans in their free time. The most popular among men are flip flops with a leather footbed. On the beach, on the other hand, they are sporty flip flops with shorts.

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A story that goes back to ancient Egypt

The original form of flip flops is the thong sandal and thong sandals existed thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt. The Zoris have also been a classic shoe in Japan for centuries. The Zoris look very similar to today’s flip flops. Accordingly, the flip flops have had an eventful history and a long development process. Flip flops in their current form have been around for several decades. In the 1960s, this type of shoe was already popular in Anglo-Saxon countries under the name of flip flops. In Germany, on the other hand, it wasn’t until the end of the 1990s that footwear became firmly known as flip flops. Previously, this type of shoe was banal as Dianette or beach sandals. The registration of the brand flip-flop at the Trademark and Patent Office in 1997 was decisive for the emergence of the term flip flops in the German-speaking area.

Tip! The flip flops were actually designed as shoes for the swimming pool or for the beach. But over the years, the flips flops have become the coveted leisure shoe in summer and there are even flip flop wedding models.

The flip-flop brand sells over 200,000 pairs of thong sandals every year. The world’s largest manufacturer of flip flops is the Brazilian company Havaianas.

Risks of wearing flip flops

Like the flip flops test it can be seen that the “real” flip flops and thong sandals, which are referred to as flip flops, have no or only a very low footbed with appropriate cushioning. For this reason, flip flops shouldn’t be worn all day. Furthermore, flip flops only offer a low level of support for the foot. This turns long walks on uneven terrain into an obstacle course.
Since flip flops are supposed to be soft and pliable, plasticizers are added in the manufacture of some models.

Tip! There is a risk that certain plasticizers can be dissolved by sweat and penetrate the inside of the body through the skin. This can damage your health. That’s why you shouldn’t see flip flops as everyday shoes, but much more as a fashionable summer accessory.

Advantages and disadvantages of the flip flops

  • for women, men and children
  • different designs
  • made of different materials
  • only suitable for summer

Order flip flops cheaply in the online shop or in the sale

Before buying flip flops, be sure to take a flip flops test as well as experiences and recommendations from other customers. You should also not ignore a price comparison of the different flip flops women, men and children models. Because the multitude of offers in the online shop is huge and the overview is quickly lost. Buying flip flops on sale is the best alternative to the online shop. There you will find flip flops women models, flip flops wedding models and flip flops with footbed reduced and cheap. Do not forget to look at the conditions of the shops with regard to shipping and payment terms. In some shops you even have the opportunity to buy cheap flip flops on account.

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