What are the Meanings of Flats?

Fresh and flat – it doesn’t always have to be high heels

Flats shoes are particularly popular because of their comfort. In addition, there are various features and a huge selection in the areas of material, colors and patterns. Because despite the rather unadorned heels, this shoe is by no means boring or monotonous. A flat can have a thousand faces and can be perfectly adapted to the wardrobe, style and plans of its wearer. Important: Anything you like is allowed. Regardless of whether

  • Eco kicks
  • Sailing shoes
  • Slipper or
  • Ballerina (which also belong to the family of flats shoes) –

the shoes are so versatile that they are suitable for many occasions. Check paulfootwear for example products of women’s flats. The material can also have a major impact on the look of the shoe. In summer, light canvas and fabric models are particularly popular, but also light-colored leather flats in all sizes. In addition, leading brands not only play with colors, but also with patterns. This results in many different types that spice up and complete the shoe cabinet. Stripes and flowery prints in combination with bright and eye-catching colors are particularly popular. Also different types with lace or in a cut-off design are among the must-haves in summer. Leading brands bring out new models every season that not only keep up with the trends, but always enchant us anew. Isn’t it amazing what can be found in such a simple shoe?

Comfortable and casual – flats are the perfect everyday heroes

Flats shoes are perfect for everyday and sporty occasions such as

  • Shopping tours
  • Walks or
  • The walk to the hairdresser.

The flat heels make the shoes perfect for stressful everyday life and ensure that your feet never hurt – even when things get hectic or the route to be run is longer than expected. But you can also wear these shoes in the office, on a date or in the club, if you have chosen a somewhat fancier model.

The open design of Flats not only ensures a fresh feeling “downstairs” at all times, but also makes it easy to put on and take off the shoe. No complicated lacing, no squeezing in, no straps and other buckles – just go in and go! This shoe is the epitome of suitability for everyday use, which, by the way, should not be missing on any summer vacation. A pair of lightweight canvas shoes are perfect for a stroll or stroll along the boardwalk.

If you think that flats are not for a sexy appearance or a chic dress, you are wrong. Especially tall women who are reluctant to wear heels because this emphasizes their size even more can use flats as an alternative to pumps and the like. Ballerinas in particular bring you back down to earth and still make for a great appearance. The secret: the shoes simply shouldn’t look too sporty. High-quality materials, fashionable details and first-class workmanship ensure that flats can also be worn on festive occasions. That should also please all the ladies who simply do not feel comfortable with pumps and high heelsand would love to always go out in their sneakers. Sexy, elegant shoes do not necessarily have to have high heels. You can also get high with a pair of flat shoes.

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The perfection of simplicity – countless possible combinations

Flats are perfect for tall, slender women who love to show off their ankles. Combined with a maritime styling of jeans and a striped shirt, flats come into their own and underline the down-to-earth attitude of their wearer. Skirts and dresses can also be combined well with these shoes.

Tip! Small and curvy women, however, should remember that flats do not have the stretching effect of pumps. This should also be considered when choosing the outfit. You should therefore avoid horizontal stripes and bold patterns when you wear flats and prefer items of clothing that are visually stretchy and oriented more vertically.

In addition, women in flat shoes tend to fall into a slightly clumsy gait more quickly. Body tension and a depressed spine counteract this and make the body look fitter overall.
Those who usually wear sporty clothes anyway hardly have to pay attention to anything. In combination with a tight, simple shirt and loose trousers, for example, flats shoes work really well. The same applies to tight tube trousers and a wide tunic or other blouse.
Since flats are usually rather simple, they are also perfect for women who like their outfit with accessories upgrade. How about, for example, a straw hat with the new fabric flats? This accessory is not only cool, but also useful. Necklaces, bracelets and the like also come into their own if you are more cautious about the choice of shoes.

Tip! Flats are space-saving! If you just can’t do without your heels, but are already afraid of the pain at the next event, just pack a pair of flat shoes in your handbag.

Advantages and disadvantages of the flat rate

  • suitable for everyday use and comfortable
  • versatile thanks to different materials, colors and patterns
  • no stretching effect like pumps and