What are the Meanings of Face?

The concept of face is used with reference to the front part of the head of a human being and of certain animals. The face, therefore, extends from the chin to the forehead.

For example: “The criminal who robbed the bank hid his face with a handkerchief”, “My nephew burned his face with a candle”, “Who is that young woman? His face is familiar to me.

By extension, a subject’s countenance is called a face. The idea of face, in this way, can refer to the representation of a certain state of mind in the face: “When I told Juan that we could not go to the party, he pouted”, “I am fascinated with this baby! I can’t believe he always wakes up with a good face ”.

With regard to facial skin care there are many trends, ranging from absolute negligence (people who do not even wash their face while showering) to those who do not let it rest for a day, subjecting it to endless treatments that They seek to hydrate and renew it. As always, it is best to find a middle ground and there are many tips and tricks for this.

The baths steam are simple to prepare and do not require rare materials: just boiling a pot of water onto about thyme leaves or rosemary, or a drop of essential oil of thyme and rosemary. When the water reaches a boil, we must lower the temperature to a minimum, lean so that our face is looking directly at the water and remain in this position for about a quarter of an hour, so that the steam opens our pores and helps us clean the skin..

The exfoliation is another technique often used those seeking the utmost care of her face. There are many ways to exfoliate the skin of the face, with varying degrees of “aggressiveness”; For this reason, for those who are just starting out, it is recommended to opt for vegetable sponges, which are used to massage the face gently during the bath, and cannot cause damage.

Cara, on the other hand, can be the appearance, the aspect, the mood or a facet of something: “The project has several interesting faces”, “This restaurant does not have a good face, we better go elsewhere.

The front of a building or its façade is also called a face, as is the surface of certain elements: “The Ministry of the Economy was painted white on its face”, “I’m going to write on the other side of the cardboard.

In the field of geometry, faces are the planes that limit or compose a polyhedron. A die, to cite one case, has six squares as faces.

Starting from its meaning in geometry, there are some set phrases that use the concept of an object’s face to refer to duality or the importance of analyzing situations from various points of view. For example, when speaking of “the two sides of the coin” it refers to the fact that the same topic can be analyzed in two different ways.

When this idea is applied to human beings, it is clear that it is done metaphorically since physically we have only one face, at least if we understand it as “face.” Therefore, when it is said that someone “has two faces” the meaning of the phrase is that he is a false person, who hides something, who is not sincere with others and who should not be trusted.

Finally, the notion of expensive or expensive is used to refer to that which has a price, a cost or a value that is considered high: “Be careful with that jewel, it is very expensive”, “The meat is expensive, come on to have to start eating more pasta ”.

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