What are the Meanings of Democrat?

Democrat is the supporter and defender of democracy. This last term, made up of the Greek words demos (“people”) and kratós (“government”), refers to a form of social organization where power belongs to all of its members.

For example: “No one can doubt my democratic conviction”, “Dr. Peletti was a democrat who always fought for human rights and freedom”, “I can’t stand those who present themselves as democrats and, in reality, have the soul of dictators”, “They can criticize us for many things, but no opponent can say that we are not democrats”.

The democrat, therefore, is opposed to any form of government other than democracy. In times of dictatorships or de facto regimes, democrats are often persecuted for their ideals and for their political struggle.

A democrat is an individual who defends and promotes democracy as a form of government.

The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party or Democratic Party, on the other hand, is one of the two major political parties in the United States. The country’s former president, Barack Obama, is one of its members.

Democrats define themselves as liberal and progressive, although there are some conservative tendencies in the organization. In any case, the Democratic Party tends to be located to the political left in front of the Republican Party.

The origins of the party, whose symbol is a donkey, go back to 1824, although the officialization of its name did not come until 1844. Among the most important figures in its history, Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945), Harry Truman (1884-1972), John F. Kennedy (1917-1963), Jimmy Carter (1924) and Bill Clinton (1946).

The Democratic Party of the United States has a donkey or ass as its symbol.

The conservative branch

The conservatives constitute the group that is in favor of making tax cuts, decreases in public spending and market deregulation with more tendency than the other members of their party.

It is possible to understand his denomination especially when observing his discretion and his ideas regarding issues such as equal marriage and abortion; For that reason, many people claim that conservative Democrats sometimes look a lot like Republicans.

The Liberal Democrats

It is the most center-left group, with a more liberal tendency regarding social issues and more statist regarding the economy. They seek high public spending and high taxes on company profits, as well as strong measures by the State in economic matters, through regulations.

As in many other countries, the liberalism of the North American Democratic Party is in favor of freedom of expression, diversity, the right to health care and a salary that covers real needs.

The moderate sector and other factions

The term moderates alludes to its lack of definition, since these Democrats are at the midpoint of the two positions just explained. The measures they intend to take represent a balance of liberal and conservative ideas.

The so-called new democrats, meanwhile, make up a more modern class than the previous three and it is a contemporary interpretation of the moderate democrats. Its emergence was related to the government of Bill Clinton. They constitute the right-wing faction of their party, although they disagree with certain cuts promoted by the Republican Party, considering that they harm the most needy.

Progressive democrats

Its origins go back to the 1960s, when numerous groups of left-wing activists appeared in universities and other academic settings. They had their best time peacefully fighting the Vietnam War.

After beginning its decline, some of its members tried to continue defending their ideas through the founding of small parties, but the majority moderated their way of thinking and joined the Democratic Party. They are characterized by opposing conservative economic policy, generally known as neoliberal.