What are the Meanings of Defender?

Defender is a term that can be used as an adjective or as a noun. In the first case, the word allows to qualify the person who is in charge of protecting, caring for or preserving something : that is, who exercises his defense.

For example: “I have always been a defender of freedom of expression”, “We need an architect who defends historical heritage to help us in this fight”, “Martín considers himself a young defender of the environment but he never recycled anything”.

As a noun, a defender can be a football player who occupies a position close to his own goal or goal and whose main function is to prevent opposing players from scoring goals. This does not prevent, of course, that the defender also fulfills tasks in attack and that he can score his own goals: “The Portuguese defender was sent off after attacking the Italian captain”, “Roberto Carlos was a Brazilian defender who stood out for his offensive ability ”, “The defender rejected the ball when it was on the line and prevented the fall of his team”.

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In the field of law, the defender (or defense attorney ) is the one in charge of protecting the interests of one of the parties: “The defender will try to show that the accused does not know Frías”, “I recommend that you find a good defender, because the complaint is very serious”.

There are various positions that also resort to the use of the term that we are analyzing. Thus, for example, there is what is known as the Ombudsman for Minors. This position can be found in different cities or regions of the world, such as Madrid, and its clear mission is to protect the interests and rights of minors at all times.

In the same way, the existence of what is known as a Patient Ombudsman should be highlighted. As its name suggests, it always watches over the well-being and rights of the person who has attended a medical center and has been treated there. In this way, for example, the aforementioned position can study and investigate the complaints that it may have presented for issues such as the delay of an ambulance, the error in a diagnosis, complications, lack of medical material or injuries.

Of course, there are also other similar positions in various corners of the world, such as the consumer’s defender or the defender of the elderly.

Ombudsman or Ombudsman, finally, is a public position held by someone who must ensure that citizens do not suffer injustice or arbitrariness on the part of political authorities: “I am going to go to the Ombudsman to report this abuse. ”

It is also interesting to establish that there is a television program in Spain called “Sálvame” that has what has been called the Ombudsman of the Spectator. This is a position that has been given to a consolidated media professional, María Teresa Campos, and what she does is listen and address both criticism and compliments towards the members of the space. In this way, it is intended that collaborators and presenters improve their interventions.