What are the Meanings of Dazzling?

The etymological origin of the term that we are now going to analyze is found in Latin. And it is that dazzling is the result of the sum of three components of said language:

-The prefix “des-“, which means negation or that comes to invert the action.

-The noun “light”, which comes from “lumens” and is synonymous with “ignited combustible material”.

-The suffix “-nte”, which can be translated as “agent”.

Dazzling is that which dazzles. The verb to dazzle, on the other hand, alludes to confuse the sight with a very intense light or to cause someone to be astonished or impressed.

For example: “The detective tried to discover what was happening at the end of the alley, but a dazzling spotlight aimed at his eyes prevented him from seeing clearly”, “The actor arrived at the premiere of the film driving a dazzling car”, “Micaela was the star of the company party in her dazzling red velvet dress. ”

Among the synonyms of dazzling are amazing, brilliant, fascinating, glittering, admirable or resplendent. As for the antonyms, they are vulgar, ordinary, current, common, discreet, usual…

The dazzling adjective is usually applied to the person or object that, due to its characteristics, moves or manages to generate deep admiration. A large mansion with eight rooms, a garden, a heated pool, a tennis court and a gym can be described as dazzling. A diamond necklace and a gold watch are also dazzling. As you can see, luxury dazzles as it is not something common or accessible to most people.

A model of great beauty with perfect measurements who parades wearing sensual clothes will surely be defined as dazzling by those who have the opportunity to see her walk on the catwalk. A leading man in a tuxedo can also be dazzling.

When important award galas are held in the world of cinema, such as the Oscars in the United States or the Goyas in Spain, it happens that all the guests at these events want to look dazzling both on the red carpet and on stage, if they have to deliver an award or if they receive one.

Precisely for this reason, they not only go to hairdressers and make-up artists but also do not hesitate to trust the best haute couture designers to allow them to show off an image that does not go unnoticed and that makes them radiant.

The dazzling can even be an action or an activity. A journalist can affirm that a tennis player had a dazzling level during a certain tournament, since he won all the matches he played without losing a set and beating three players who are in the top ten of the world ranking.

Within the field of literature, the use of the term that concerns us has been resorted to on many occasions to give title to different works. Thus, for example, the novel “The Dazzling World” stands out, which is written by Siri Hustvedt. It revolves around an investigation being carried out on the artist Harriet Burden.