What are the Meanings of Coining?

Coining is a verb that can come from wedge or wedge. Action usually refers to making a coin, medallion, medal, or other metal piece. For example: “The government is considering minting a special coin to commemorate the anniversary of independence. ”

This meaning of the notion is associated with the printing or sealing of a part through the use of a die or a stamp. Over time, by extension, banknote printing also became known as coining.

It is curious to know, for example, that it is established that Alexander the Great was the first person to bet because the coins that were minted at that time carried a portrait, specifically, first of all gods and then his. Something that is very normal nowadays, finding, for example, those that have the faces of the kings of the countries.

It is determined that the Industrial Revolution was a very relevant event in this sense, since it was the one that allowed a relevant step to be taken when minting coins. And is that machinery and systems were developed that greatly facilitated and perfected the operation.

Starting from the term that concerns us and from this meaning that we are addressing, we can emphasize that when the most modern version of any currency or note is put into circulation, for example, they are called new stamps.

In Spain we can indicate that the minting of money, in any of its two formats, is carried out through the National Mint and Stamp Factory. In addition, in the case of its Royal Mint, it must be underlined that it began its activity in the 1990s with the minting of silver coins worth 2,000 pesetas.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to minting coins annually that have the particularity of commemorating important events, characters or situations such as the V Centennial of Christopher Columbus, International Women’s Day, the 400th Anniversary of El Greco or the IV Centenary of the death of Cervantes.

The development of phrases or expressions that manage to become popular or that reach a massive diffusion is also known as coining: “The German philosopher was responsible for coining this term”, “I do not intend to coin any concept, I am only interested in publicizing my theory ”, “ The repeated acts committed by criminals on motorcycles led to the coining of the expression ‘motochorro’ in Argentina ”.

The dictionary also mentions that coining refers to introducing wedges. A wedge, in this sense, is an object that ends in a point and that is used to press or adjust different objects, making them locate in a space or making them fit.

When coining, in this way, different things are adjusted to each other, allowing them to fit: “Please, do not rest anything on the table: I must wedge the leg that came out”, “I will wedge the car so that it cannot move”, “In the emergency, the man tried to wedge the different parts of the structure to avoid collapse. ”