What are the Meanings of Case?

The French term carcasse came to our language as a carcass. The notion refers to those rigid and generally resistant pieces that provide protection or support to something.

In the field of anatomy, the skeleton is called a carcass: the set of bones and other parts that give consistency to the body of an animal, including the human being. The carcass of chickens, for example, is often used to make broth.

The accessory that protects certain structures or elements is also called a casing. The mobile cellular or mobile, to cite one case, a casing which can often be removed and replaced by another. This case exchange is usually done for aesthetic reasons. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Case.

Today it is possible to find cases with images of fictional characters, singers, animals and many other figures. In this way the article fulfills a dual function of protection and decoration of the telephone in question.

To such an extent what are the casings have prominence in our day to day that there are stores specialized in this type of products. A good example of this is the chain that has begun to achieve great success in Spain. It is “The House of Cases”, where you can find the right models not only for all types of mobile phones but also those that are most surprising and original. And it is that, in addition to the plain ones of one color, there are those that are endowed with the image of fictional characters, names, motifs…

It must be established that, in addition to what is indicated, there are basically two materials that are used to shape the cases of smartphones. We are referring to the following:
-ABS plastic (ABS). Those that are made with this have in their favor that they are very resistant to impacts and blows of all kinds. On the contrary, their greatest weakness is that they are especially sensitive to both temperature changes and solar radiation.
-Polycarbonate (PC), which stands out for being a material as resistant as it is very hard. Hence, the housings that are made with it are also. In the same way, it should not be overlooked that they have a long useful life and that they have a really affordable price for any pocket.

However, there are other housings that are made by mixing the two mentioned materials.

In the field of computing, the case of a computer (computer) is the plastic or metal box that contains the motherboard or motherboard, the central processing unit (known by the English acronym CPU), the hard or hard disk, the RAM memory and the rest of the internal components. The enclosure, which is typically made of aluminum or steel, is also called a cabinet, tower, or chassis.

Casing, finally, is a kind of incendiary bomb. This type of device is used to start a fire, using white phosphorus, napalm or other fuels.