What are the Meanings of Caribbean?

The first thing will be to determine the etymological origin of the term Caribbean that now occupies us. In this case, it must be known that it derives from the Taíno “Caribbean”, which can be translated as “strong people”.

The notion of the Caribbean has several uses. The name comes from the aboriginal group that, when the expedition led by Christopher Columbus arrived in the American continent in the 15th century, was found on several islands of the Lesser Antilles and in regions of Venezuela and Colombia.

The Caribs, also known as Caribals, no longer exist as an independent ethnic group, although their descendants still live in the area. According to the characterization made by the Europeans when they arrived in America, the Caribs were savages, warriors and cannibals.

It is known as Caribbean languages, on the other hand, some thirty languages that are still spoken in several Latin American countries. It is estimated that currently about 50,000 people communicate in Caribbean languages ​​such as Pemón, Macushí and Kariña.

The Caribbean Sea, on the other hand, is located north of South America and east of Central America. The region that forms this sea, the coasts that surround it and its islands is called the Caribbean. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Caribbean.

Thanks to its paradisiacal beaches, the Caribbean is one of the main tourist destinations in the world. Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico are countries that have Caribbean attractions.

Among the places that attract the greatest number of tourists are those that have a series of undeniable attractions:
-Havana, the capital of Cuba is one of the favorite destinations for travelers. It is listed as a World Heritage Site and the most special places it has are the Plaza de la Revolución, Old Havana or the fortresses of El Morro and La Cabaña, which have the particularity of being the oldest in all of America.
-The Riviera Maya is another of the places that tourists from all over the world prefer to visit. Specifically, in Spain it is one of the most frequent destinations that newlyweds choose to enjoy their honeymoon.
-The Varadero Beach is one of the best known in the world. It is located in Cuba and is acclaimed both for the crystalline color of its waters and for its natural environment.

Its beaches and natural spaces are two of the main attractions of the Caribbean, although its gastronomy should not be overlooked, for example. In this case, we can point out that dishes such as Cuban lobster, beans, Cuban Creole sauce, cochinita pibil from La Rivera Maya and Motuleño eggs become relevant.

La Isla de Margarita, Cozumel, the Island of San Andres, Curacao, Aruba and St. Martin are among the most visited places in the Caribbean, whose land area is over 239,000 square kilometers. Santo Domingo, San Juan, Puerto Principe, Maracaibo, Havana and Barranquilla are some of the most populated cities in the region.