What are the Meanings of Bizarro?

Bizarro derived from the archaic Italian that indicates “furious”, has 2 meanings in Spanish: it can mean brave and on the other hand, generous. As Americanism, the word bizarre is used to express something “strange” or “unusual” in Spanish.

In the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (DRAE), the word bizarre does not incorporate the meaning as something or someone “weird”, derived from English bizarre .

The use of bizarre as an Americanism, meaning “strange” or “curious” is more common in Puerto Rico, Chile and Argentina. It is used as an adjective of a situation, of something or of someone, for example, “The situation is not clear and the facts are bizarre.”

The Foundation of urgent Spanish (Fundéu BBVA), advised by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), has replaced the previous recommendation of censorship towards the meaning of the word bizarre as “rare”. Thus, it has accepted this definition as part of the language used in social networks through the Internet being included in the Americanism Dictionary of the RAE.

The meaning of bizarre that derives from the archaic Italian indicates brave or gallardo as, for example, in “bizarre soldier”.

The second meaning of bizarre as something splendid, generous or airy is used to describe as, for example, “Look at bizarre artists receiving applause from the public” or “bizarre jewels.”

Bizarro DC Comic

Bizarro # 1 is a fictional character created by DC Comics (DC) as part of his comic book “Superman.”

Within the DC Universe, for the first time in “Superboy”, Bizarro is defined as a duplicate of the superhero Superman (the ethical extraterrestrial), but in an inverted logic version.

In this sense, Bizarro is as good as Superman but in his ethics what we consider good is bad and what is acceptable is not.