What are the Meanings of Agricultural?

Agricultural is an adjective that means relative or pertaining to agriculture or the farmer. This word comes from the Latin agricultŏla. It is formed with the terms ager (‘crop field’), the verb colere (referring to the crop) and the suffix -a (which indicates the agent that does something).

Agricultural sector

The agricultural sector is a productive or primary activity that obtains raw materials of plant origin through cultivation. It is one of the most important economic activities of the rural environment. Together with the livestock or livestock sector, the agricultural sector is part of the agricultural sector.

Agricultural production

Agricultural production is the result of agricultural activity. This category includes products obtained from agriculture and can be used for food or animals (for example, potatoes or wheat) or for industry (for example, rubber or cotton). This concept should not be confused with others such as agricultural production (which includes, for example, livestock activity) or rural production (which would include agricultural but also industrial or artisanal products, for example).

Agricultural engineering

Agricultural engineering is the name of a higher degree and a profession based on the principles and foundations of Engineering and which focuses on agriculture and its industrialization and the supervision of engineering projects in the agricultural sector.

Agricultural company

An agricultural company is an entity that develops its activity in the agricultural sector. It is dedicated to the production of resources derived from agriculture. It can be a large company, a small company or a cooperative.

Agricultural revolution

The agricultural revolution is the progressive development of agriculture during the Neolithic, based on the planting, care and harvest of products. It meant a change in the way of life of the human being, favoring the sedentary and the specialization of work. The British agricultural revolution is known as the development process produced in the field of agriculture during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. During this period there was an increase in productivity, causing an increase in the population that would be decisive in the so-called Industrial Revolution.

Eastern Agricultural

Agrícola Oriental is the name of a colony located in the eastern part of Mexico City and belonging to the Iztacalco delegation. It owes its name, in addition to its geographical location, that as of the 1940s, corn and beans began to be cultivated in that area. It is located on a plain where a series of houses were built in the mid-twentieth century and later the construction of housing units.