What are the Meanings of Addition?

The Latin word additĭo came to our language as an addition. It is the act and the result of adding, complementing or adding something. For example: “The addition of added value to our products is essential if we intend to compete with foreign companies”, “The deputy regretted that the addition of a budget for hospitals has not been approved by the government”, “The Uruguayan striker would be a great addition to our team. ”

Addition can be used as a synonym for addition: the arithmetic operation that consists of adding quantities until obtaining a result. Suppose we want to add 4 and 8. That operation is an addition whose result is 12. In other words: 4 + 8 = 12.

It is also important to establish that, within the field of mathematics, we talk about what is called the properties of the addition of numbers. These, in particular, are four:
-Commutative property, which is what comes to indicate that the order of the addends does not come to alter the result that is obtained at all. In other words, the result will be identical if 2 + 6 or 6 + 2 is
added. – Closing property. It is also called “lock” and determines that the sum of two natural numbers will always result in another natural number.
-Distributive property. This third property of an addition establishes that the sum of two numbers multiplied by a third number comes to be equal to the sum of the product of each addend multiplied by what that third number is. In other words, the same result will be obtained from these two operations: (4 + 2) * 2 = 4 * 2 + 2 * 2.
-Associative property, which determines that when three or more numbers are added, the same result will always be obtained. regardless of how they are grouped.

What is added to a text or to another type of work is also called an addition: “The publisher was satisfied with my new work, but asked me to make some additions to extend the last chapter”, “The note on the washing of The money was published last night with a last minute addition as the judge ordered the prosecution of the three defendants. ”

In the field of chemistry, it is called an addition to the reaction that involves a combination of two or more molecules for the development of a single one. In this sense, one can speak of oxidative addition, electrophilic addition, nucleophilic addition and others. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Addition.

For engineering, the addition is an aggregate that, when industrial alloys are made through a melting process, is added to a base metal.

Many are the doubts that exist around this term in what refers to how to write it. And it is very common to be confused with another very similar. We are referring to addiction. However, they have nothing to do with it. Thus, precisely the latter, we must emphasize that it is the dependency that a person can generate towards drugs, for example, and even towards the use of technology, which is now called nomophobia.