What are the Meanings of Acknowledgment of Receipt?

The notion of acknowledgment is used in certain communications. Generally, the concept refers to a service offered by the postal companies to inform the sender that the letter in question has been delivered to the recipient.

The acknowledgment of receipt, in this case, is usually a form that the recipient signs upon receipt of their letter and which is then delivered to the sender. In this way, the one who sent the communication is certain that it reached its destination. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Acknowledgment of Receipt.

Although the concept of acknowledgment of receipt is the same in almost all countries, the legal regulations of each one may present certain particular differences. In some parts of the world, this document can be prepared by the post office where the shipment arrives, exceptionally.

To receive the correspondence, the recipient must then write his signature on a form; Nowadays, it is increasingly common for this procedure to be done using electronic devices, so that the signature is made on a touch screen, where the date and number of the identity document must also be indicated.

In the event that the recipient will reject the shipment and does not want to sign the acknowledgment (referred to no reception), the postman should leave a record of such refusal, to continue post office with the relevant process.

That the post office loses the acknowledgment of receipt does not grant customers the right to compensation; however, if the issuer so requests, it is possible to issue a duplicate, which must be re-signed by the recipient, or contain a statement from the postman who has made the delivery.

Beyond the service or the mechanism implemented by the mail company, the acknowledgment can also be a brief response from the recipient when receiving a communication. This type of acknowledgment of receipt usually be delivered by large companies or agencies of the State where the person has been in contact with the other party is waiting for a confirmation.

Suppose a person sends a letter to the Secretary of the Environment of a city, asking that the cleanliness of a beach be improved. Days later, an official returns an acknowledgment of receipt: “Dear neighbor: We have received your request and we are committed to addressing the situation you mention in the next ten days. Taking care of the coastal ecosystem is one of the priorities of our management. Thanks for your contact ”.

In some communication protocols between computer equipment, the acknowledgment is a notice that one computer (computer) sends to another, after having received a message from you. This acknowledgment is also known as ACK, coming from the English acknowledgment, and is used in large part of the layers or levels that form a network, such as those specified in the OSI model (Open Systems Interconnection Model).

The sending of messages between computers can also have an error detection code to protect the integrity of the data; If the destination device has the tools to carry out this process, then the acknowledgment may indicate the state in which the message was received, that is, whether it has arrived completely and without errors or not.

On the other hand, for the more complex communication protocols there are other elements that can be part of the message, such as data about incidents in the network or the request to forward some frames (a frame is a successive series of bits, which it is organized cyclically).

Acknowledgment of Receipt