What are the Meanings of Accumulator?

In order for us to clearly determine the meaning of the term accumulator, we will begin by establishing its etymological origin. In this case, it must be stated that it derives from the Latin “accumulator”, which means “the one who gathers” and that it is the result of the sum of the following components:
-The prefix “ad-“, which is synonymous with “towards”.
-The noun “cumulus”, which can be translated as “pile”.
-The suffix “-tor”, which is used to indicate “agent”.

As an adjective, the term is used to describe that or that which accumulates (that is, that gathers, gathers or agglutinates something).

A heat accumulator is an equipment that is used in heating to isolate and store the heat that is generated through electricity or other means. These storage devices usually consist of ceramic blocks that retain heat. See ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG for abbreviations related to Accumulator.

In this sense, we have to explain that there are fundamentally two types of accumulators. On the one hand, there are the static ones, which work by means of radiation and natural convection. On the other, we come across the dynamics, whose isolation is considered better than the previous ones and which is supported by accumulation and radiation.

Heat accumulator is also called the phenomenon that occurs in large cities when heat is accumulated by the proliferation of absorbent materials and certain weather conditions. This means that, at night, the heat does not dissipate since the asphalt of the streets and the concrete of the buildings give off the energy that they accumulated in the hours of sunlight.

Those who suffer from the psychological disorder called Diogenes syndrome are called accumulators. These are people who tend to collect an immense amount of waste and useless products. The disorder usually affects individuals who live alone.

In the same way, we cannot overlook the existence of what is known as an accumulator for ACS (Sanitary Hot Water). It can also be called a buffer tank and, as its name suggests, what it allows is that you can enjoy in any home or building that hot water that will be essential for, for example, undertaking good personal and intimate hygiene.

Although it may work in a different way, each time those that sustain in the so-called biomass, which is a biofuel that is obtained from what is organic waste, are gaining more weight. Specifically, they are considered as such, from the pit of olives to the pellet through the shells of almonds, among others.

In computer science, it is called accumulator to the record stored in the CPU, temporarily, the results will be analyzed in arithmetic logic unit. Without this accumulator, all the results of the calculations should be saved in main memory.

The batteries and rechargeable batteries, finally, often referred to as accumulators. These elements have the ability, when charged, to accumulate energy that they then consume while discharging by use.