Toys from Wood in Lidl to Starting from Tomorrow

Toys from Wood in Lidl to Starting from Tomorrow

As already did a few days ago on the eve of Christmas, the supermarket chain Lidl offers us the possibility of acquiring toys at good price to give the day of Kings.

This time toys are the majority of wood, so durability is assured.

Among the deals we can find a supermarket, a pirate ship and an amazing circuit of trains, among others. Below I show some examples with your price so you rate the possibility of running to the Lidl for one of them.

Giant wood shop

It’s a beautiful wood shop for it we will have enough space at home (we would buy it but sleep under the bridge is not one of my priorities right now and between the shop and myself, I have chosen me).

Symbolic play is possible with it and stimulates the interaction among children. Buy one because the other sells and vice versa.

It has rounded finishes, a shelf for products, counter and accessories for sale and purchase.

The measures are: 113 x 103 x 75 cm and costs 39.99 euros.

Circuit wooden trains

The circuit train for me is the jewel of the offers. Good, nice and cheap.
A train with locomotive battery which contains 81 parts for a children from 3 years.
It has a few measures, assembled, 102 x 100 cm and only 24.99 euros.

Little wooden house

This little wooden house It would be another gem, but in the female version.
House of natural wood, with no less than 87 parts which include the characters and furniture.

You have up to outdoor garden (although it is pink) and some measures 75 x 53 x 56 cm. 44 euros.

Wooden pirate ship

The photo says it all. It is of a pirate ship with 3 sails, 1 boat, 2 cannons with wheels, 4 dolls, Watchtower with staircase and other accessories.
The measures are 95 x 34 x 69 cm and price 29 EUR.

5 in 1 activity cube

With five games wooden bucket: travel in spiral (that can be turned and stored inside the cube), ordered the animals, rotating game “fruit”, abaco and slate.

It measures about 20 cm x 20 cm and costs 17,99 Euro. My children have one similar Toys r ‘ Us and the truth is that there are countless hours that have passed (and passed) with it.

And more…

In addition to all this there are buckets with pieces of wood, a slate of double face and other games, also made of wood construction.

All of this will be available in Lidl from morning January 2. The units are limited, so I recommend you go to first time if you are interested in something.

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