Toys for One-Year-What You Should Consider When Choosing

Toys for One-Year-What You Should Consider When Choosing

Toys for one-year: Give something creative.

Toys for One-year-old-who you should be aware of

  • Already one year babies are extremely creative and want their environment, in this case, makes toys.
  • When you choose, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that the toy does not contain parts that can be swallowed.Annuals are also investigating toys with mouth yet. Pay attention to the indications on the toy or let us advise you.
  • Even toys made of unspecified plastic materials, you should avoid.Not for nothing, warns the Stiftung Warentest several times against toys that secrete (hazardous) chemicals when you put in your mouth or come into contact with saliva. If you are planning a major (and expensive) acquisition, you should ask in advance on the website of the Stiftung Warentest, the corresponding toy has been tested.
  • First choice is therefore always gifts that encourage their own documents.These include simple puzzles, z. b. with wooden parts that must be used. Or even large Lego parts where something can be altered or changed. Nice if the toy is still a sound, for example, by a clock.
  • Even toys made of wood, which invite you to build or combine, is a nice gift, even if the child, of course, is not to create a complete wooden railway so.Even the building blocks of all sizes invite you to own the numbers.
  • What annuals at Christmas?Gifts disappointment

If you want to do one-year children at Christmas a gift, you should …

  • Toys that are practicing the fine motor skills, are well suited for a year.At this age, develop fine motor skills of hands and of course wants to be “educated”. For this example, there is a large cube with gaps, must be inserted into the corresponding shaped blocks or disappears in it. Similarly, different sized cubes, but forming a tower can also be connected to each other.Of course, perceptions are trained.
  • Although each story book is a adult tells of course appropriate, especially the continuous form possible washable.
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