Toy Guardian, a Fun Solution for Storing Toys

Today we continue talking about pieces of design aimed at the smaller hand House of Toy Guardian, a fun solution for storing toys.

It is essential that toys today are versatile and above all functional, as it is this storage accessory for the infant room or game room.

Despite its large teeth-filled jaw is not a dangerous beast but a nice solution that will motivate children to collect toys, because it gives the feeling of eating everything that is inserted through the mouth.

One of the strengths of Toy Guardian is its versatility. It has a handle on the back that serves so that the child can transport it to any part of the House as if off a cart. But it also allows the child to ride on it as if it were a ride, by which the handle also serves so MOM or dad carrying the small.

Toy Guardian is a fun solution for storing toys and enables different applications depending on the position in which place you, ride, box storage or toy, which is a great advantage for that that an article only give us various solutions.

However, if I had to name a drawback that I see in this ride-guardajuguetes is precisely its size, because I find it a bit small to save there inside too large toys.