The Family of Medulin, Doll Cut-Outs for Leukemia

The Josep Carreras Foundation against leukemia has launched a fun and informative initiative consisting of paper toys recortables representing the family of Medulin. These cute dolls can make us have a good time with our children.

Cut-out figures intended for hospitalized children but that we can print, cut and assemble House to explain history of Medulin family children.

Medulin is a small one that is in the hospital because of leukemia. And who are the other members of the family? Parents, his sister Lucia, cat fleas and even a stuffed koala. We can build all these dolls in a simple way thanks to a cut-out templates.

I already spoke recently of another initiative of the Foundation, hearts paper against leukemia, and now again with paper manual labor brings us these new figures.

In the pdf document. that contains the cutout figures is the presentation of Medulin, the sick child who is in the hospital, and tells us a bit how is your illness. At the end we found a snowman cutout blank that children draw themselves and have your own custom snowman.

I encourage you to do these paper dolls next to your children as a fun craft solidarity with leukemia. It’s isn’t bad to have fun at the time that you learn and awareness on the situation of people who are sick.