Technical University of Oruro (Bolivia)

Technical University of Oruro. Public institution, of Higher Education, autonomous and accredited academically and socio-culturally. It was founded on October 15, 1892. It lives in the department of Oruro, Bolivia


The Technical University of Oruro has its origin in 1876, when the Faculty of Law began to function as a private company. It was founded by Law of October 15, 1892, with the name of University District of Oruro during the presidency of Dr. Mariano Baptista.

On November 12, 1937, the Supreme Decree was issued recognizing the autonomy of this District with the name of University of San Agustín.

The current denomination of Technical University of Oruro, was adopted on March 31, 1941, in the management of Dr. Josermo Murillo Vacarreza; by virtue of the interest of the university establishments to guide and direct higher education in the department of Oruro to the technical branches linked to production.


To train professional, ethical, social and technically relevant human resources, supported by academic development, applied research and technological progress, as the fundamental bases of social interaction, to contribute to the integral development of Oruro and Bolivian society.


The Technical University of Oruro is a public institution of higher education, autonomous and academically and socio-culturally accredited. His academic, research and outreach practice is anchored in the principles and values ​​of pluricultural Bolivianity. The production of knowledge and its existing resources are aimed at cultivating an equitable development process for the common good


Faculty of Law Political and Social Sciences


  • Right
  • Social Communication Sciences
  • Anthropology

National Faculty of Engineering


  • Mining Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electric engineering
  • Chemical Process Engineering
  • Geological Engineering
  • Systems engineer
  • industrial engineering

Faculty of Economic, Financial and Administrative Sciences.


  • Public accounting
  • Economy
  • Business Administration
  • Commercial engineering

Technical Faculty

  • Industrial mechanics
  • Industrial electricity
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Civil constructions
  • Automotive mechanic
  • Industrial maintenance

Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

  • Architecture and Urbanism

Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences.

  • Agronomic Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Phytotechnical Agronomic Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering in Rural Development
  • Agronomic Zootechnical Engineering
  • Veterinary Medicine Zootechnics

Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Medical career
  • Nursery career

University authorities

  • Rector: Ing. Carlos Antezana García
  • Vice Chancellor: Lic. Pedro Faraudi Gonzales
  • General Secretary: Dr. Marco Ernesto Jaimes Molina
  • Administrative and Financial Director: Lic. Alberto Jaen Fuentes
  • Director of Academic Planning: Ing. Franz Dario Claros Torrez
  • Director of Planning and Institutional Development: Ing. Armando Garnica Medinaceli
  • Postgraduate Director: Lic. Ricardo Jorge Llanque Ferrufino
  • Director of Evaluation and Accreditation: Lic. Wilfredo José Gordillo Romero
  • Director of Scientific and Technological Research: Ing. Ermindo Barrientos Perez
  • Liaison Director: Lic. Juan Ortega Córdova
  • Director of Information and Communication Technologies:Ing. Miguel Angel Reynolds Salinas
  • Director of Decentralized Academic Units: Lic. Rolando Robles Ortega
  • Director of the University Radio Television System: Lic. Wilson Verastegui Acosta

Technical University of Oruro