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According to andyeducation, South Korea has an extensive and well-developed education system that has been designed to provide its citizens with the best possible education opportunities. The country’s educational system is comprised of three main levels: elementary, middle, and high school. All students are required to attend school for at least nine years, beginning at age six and ending at age 15. Elementary school in South Korea is divided into three grades: first grade (age 6-7), second grade (age 8-9), and third grade (age 10-11). During this time, students are taught a wide range of subjects such as mathematics, science, social studies, language arts, music, art, physical education and moral education. The curriculum is designed to be comprehensive so that students can gain a solid foundation in the basics before moving on to more advanced topics. Middle school in South Korea consists of four grades: fourth grade (age 12-13), fifth grade (age 14-15), sixth grade (age 16-17) and seventh grade (age 18-19). During this period of time students focus more heavily on academic subjects such as math, science and language arts as well as physical education. At the end of seventh grade all students must take an entrance exam in order to get into high school. High school in South Korea consists of three grades: eighth grade (age 20-21), ninth grade (age 22-23) and tenth grade (age 24-25). Students have the opportunity to choose from a variety of elective courses such as music or art while also continuing their studies in core academic subjects such as math or science. At the end of tenth grade all students must take a college entrance exam which determines which universities they are eligible for admission into. South Korea’s educational system is highly competitive but it also provides its citizens with the opportunity to pursue higher levels of learning if they wish to do so. The country’s universities offer a wide range of degree programmes that can help individuals prepare for their future careers while also providing them with valuable skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. See educationvv for South Korea educational systems.

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대한민국 – Daehan-minguk Capital city Seoul Surface 100,140 km² Population 51,709,000 Road network length 64,808 km Length of highway network 5,003 km First highway 1968 Motorway name 고속도로 Gosok Doro Traffic drives Right License plate code SKIRT South Korea, formally…
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