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According to andyeducation, the educational system in Sierra Leone is composed of three main levels: pre-primary, primary, and secondary. It is designed to provide quality education to all citizens of the country, regardless of their economic and social background. Pre-primary education is offered for children aged 3 to 6 years old and is free for all. Primary education covers grades 1 to 9, with free tuition up to grade 8. Secondary education covers grades 10 to 12 and provides a range of academic and technical/vocational options for students. In Sierra Leone, the curriculum at each level follows the national standards set by the Ministry of Education and includes core subjects such as Maths, English Language Arts, Sciences, History/Social Studies, Physical Education/Sports activities etc. Optional electives may include music or foreign languages. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, students have access to various extracurricular activities such as field trips or sports teams. At the end of each level of schooling, students take exams that assess their knowledge in their chosen subjects. Upon successful completion of secondary school exams, students can apply for admission into a university or college program that best fits their interests or career aspirations. Admission requirements vary from institution to institution but generally include a high school diploma or equivalent certificate from an accredited school in Sierra Leone. The government provides financial aid (scholarships & grants) for those who cannot afford tuition fees; however these are limited in number and availability varies from year-to-year depending on government funding levels. The government also runs several programs aimed at providing quality education opportunities for all citizens regardless of socio-economic background such as providing basic learning materials (e.g., textbooks) and improving infrastructure (e.g., building new classrooms). See educationvv for Sierra Leone educational systems.