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According to andyeducation, the educational system in the Seychelles is highly developed, with the country ranking among the top in Africa for quality of education. Primary education is compulsory for children aged 6-15, and is divided into four stages: pre-primary (ages 3-5), primary (ages 5-14), secondary (ages 14-18) and higher education. In Seychelles, primary and secondary school are free and compulsory for all citizens, as well as for refugees and asylum seekers. Higher education is provided by universities and colleges, both public and private. The educational system in Seychelles is organized into three main levels: Pre-primary Education (3 to 5 years old), Primary Education (5 to 14 years old) and Secondary Education (14 to 18 years old). The curriculum at each level follows the African standards, focusing on core academic subjects such as mathematics, language arts, sciences, history/social studies, physical education/sports activities etc. Students may also choose from a range of optional elective courses such as music or foreign languages. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, students have access to various extracurricular activities such as field trips or sports teams. At the end of each level of schooling, students take exams that assess their knowledge in their chosen subjects. Upon successful completion of secondary school exams, students can apply for admission into a university or college program that best fits their interests or career aspirations. Admission requirements vary from institution to institution but generally include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma from an accredited university or college. See educationvv for Seychelles educational systems.


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Sesel – Seychelles Capital city Victoria Surface 451 km² Population 94,000 Road network length 400 km Length of highway network 0 km First highway N/A Motorway name N/A Traffic drives Left License plate code SY The Seychelles (French: Seychelles), formally…
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