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According to andyeducation, the educational system in Samoa is focused on providing accessible, quality education to its citizens. All primary and secondary schooling is free of charge and compulsory for all children aged 5-14 years old. Primary school in Samoa lasts for six years, with two years of pre-primary education followed by four years of primary school from Grade 1 to Grade 6. After completing primary school, students typically attend two years at an upper secondary level leading to an advanced level diploma or certificate for those who pass their final exams at the end of Grade 12. At the secondary level, students learn a variety of subjects including English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and physical education. Some schools also offer vocational training courses that allow students to gain practical experience in their chosen field such as carpentry or sewing. Additionally, most secondary schools offer extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs which can be beneficial for students’ overall development alongside their academic studies. Tertiary institutions in Samoa include universities, colleges and technical institutes offering various degree programs ranging from certificate courses through to postgraduate degrees such as masters’ degrees or doctorates depending on the institution they attend. These institutions typically offer courses related to business management, health sciences or engineering among other fields of study. In addition to academic studies, tertiary institutions may also provide students with access to extracurricular activities such as sports teams or clubs depending on the school they attend. Other educational opportunities exist in Samoa including adult education classes for adults who wish to improve their skills in a particular area or complete a secondary-level qualification; vocational training programs offering short-term courses designed for specific job roles; special needs classes for children with disabilities; and non-formal education programs aimed at providing basic literacy skills for out-of-school youth aged 15-24 years old. Overall, the Samoan government has made great strides towards providing accessible and quality educational opportunities throughout all levels of schooling within the country’s public system. From pre-primary through tertiary level there are a range of both public and private options available with free primary schooling available for all children within the country’s public system alongside various extracurricular activities which can be beneficial for student development alongside their academic studies. See educationvv for Samoa educational systems.


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Samoa Capital city Apia Surface 2,831 km² Population 198,000 Road network length 350 km Length of highway network 0 km First highway N/A Motorway name N/A Traffic drives Left License plate code WS Samoa is an island nation in Oceania,…
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