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The educational system in Palestine is based on the foundation of an equal, free, and public education for all citizens. This system is administered by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), which is responsible for setting educational standards, providing resources for teachers and students, overseeing quality control in schools, and providing financial support to private schools. Primary education in Palestine begins with preschool and kindergarten classes at the age of four or five. During this stage, children are taught basic literacy skills such as reading and writing, as well as mathematics and science. Additionally, physical education and religious studies are also incorporated into the curriculum. Primary school (grades 1-6) follows this stage. Here students are introduced to a more comprehensive curriculum that includes a variety of subjects such as history, geography, language arts, social studies, music, arts & crafts, physical education, science & technology. Secondary school (grades 7-12) is offered at both public and private institutions throughout Palestine. Students have the option to pursue either a general academic track or one that focuses on specific areas such as science & technology or business & economics. In addition to traditional classroom instruction during this stage of education there are also vocational programs available for those who wish to pursue a career in a particular field such as carpentry or plumbing after completing their secondary school studies. Higher education in Palestine is provided by several universities including Al-Quds University in Jerusalem; Birzeit University near Ramallah; An-Najah National University in Nablus; Hebron University; Bethlehem University; Islamic University of Gaza; Al-Aqsa University; Al-Azhar University Gaza; Arab American University Jenin; Arab Open University Gaza Branch; Applied Science Private University (ASPU); Birzeit Pharmacy College (BPC); Bethlehem Bible College (BBC); Dar Al Kalima College Bethlehem; Dar Al Qasabah College Hebron; Holy Land Institute for Deaf Children (HLIDC); Jami’at al Ahliyah al Khaliliah (JAKH); Najah National Institute Technology (NIT), among others. These institutions offer undergraduate degrees in various fields such as business administration, computer science & engineering civil engineering & architecture among others. Additionally some universities offer graduate degrees such as master’s degrees in business administration or doctorates in engineering & applied sciences among other programs Overall the educational system in Palestine provides citizens with access to quality educational opportunities regardless of their financial situation or background due to its free primary schooling system which helps promote social mobility within society while also giving students access to higher education institutions which can help them gain skills necessary for certain careers after completing their studies.


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– Filastin Capital city Ramallah Surface Population 4,817,000; See Palestine population density. Road network length 5,000 km Length of highway network 0 km First highway ? Motorway name ? Traffic drives Right License plate code PS The Palestinian Territories, also…
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