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According to andyeducation, Netherlands is renowned for its excellent education system, which provides a wide range of opportunities for students to pursue their educational goals. The country’s educational system consists of four levels: primary, lower secondary, upper secondary and tertiary. Primary education in the Netherlands is compulsory and free for all children between the ages of 4 and 12. It is divided into two parts – pre-primary (ages 4-6) and primary (ages 6-12). During this period, students learn basic reading, writing and mathematics skills as well as gain an understanding of social studies such as history, geography and citizenship. Lower secondary education is optional but highly recommended for students who wish to pursue further studies at a higher level. It lasts three years (ages 12-15) and focuses on developing academic skills in core subjects such as mathematics, science, languages and humanities. Upon completion of this stage, students can sit for the Secondary Education Exam (SEE), which allows them to move on to upper secondary education or find employment. Upper secondary education focuses on preparing students for tertiary studies or specific careers such as engineering or nursing through specialized courses that focus on specific subject areas or areas of expertise. This stage lasts three years (ages 15-18) and culminates in the National Senior Secondary Exam (NSSE). Tertiary education in the Netherlands includes both academic degrees such as bachelor’s degrees and vocational qualifications such as apprenticeships or certificates that are offered by universities or colleges respectively. Most universities offer bachelor’s degrees while some also offer master’s degrees or PhDs in various fields such as medicine, engineering or business administration. Additionally, there are numerous vocational training programs available which provide qualifications in specific fields like hospitality services or tourism management. See educationvv for Netherlands educational systems.


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The Netherlands Capital city Amsterdam Surface 41,543 kmĀ² Population 17,619,000 Road network length 139,294 km Length of highway network 2,474 km First highway 1937 Motorway name Motorway Traffic drives Right License plate code NL The Netherlands is a small country…
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