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According to andyeducation, Luxembourg is a small country located in Western Europe and is known for its high quality of life and strong economy. The educational system in Luxembourg is designed to meet the needs of its citizens as well as those from other countries who may wish to study there. The system offers a variety of educational options ranging from primary, secondary and tertiary education, to vocational training and university level studies. The primary school system consists of three stages: kindergarten (ages 3-6), elementary school (ages 6-12) and secondary school (ages 12-18). Primary education is compulsory for children aged 6-15 and free at public schools. Secondary education consists of two stages: lower secondary school (collège) which lasts four years and upper secondary school (lycée) which lasts three years. Students have the option of pursuing either general or technical/vocational studies at this level. At the tertiary level, Luxembourg has several universities, such as the University of Luxembourg, University of Namur in Belgium, University Pierre et Marie Curie in France, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, as well as several specialized institutions offering vocational training courses. The universities offer degrees at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels across multiple disciplines including law, economics, engineering and medicine amongst others. In addition to traditional higher educational institutions Luxembourg also offers a range of specialized programs such as business management or international relations through private universities or research institutes such as the Luxembourg Institute for Strategic Development which focuses on areas like technology innovation policy research and economic development strategies. All higher educational institutions are subject to rigorous accreditation procedures by various organizations including the European Quality Assurance Network for Higher Education (ENQA). This ensures that graduates from these institutions can be confident that they have received an internationally recognized degree qualification from a reputable source. Overall, Luxembourg provides a high quality educational system with access to world class universities and specialized programs across multiple disciplines that can prepare individuals for successful careers in this dynamic country or abroad. See educationvv for Luxembourg educational systems.


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Luxembourg Capital city Luxembourg Surface 2,586 km² Population 602,000 Road network length 2,837 km Length of highway network 156 km First highway 1969 Motorway name autobunn Traffic drives Right License plate code L Luxembourg (French: Luxembourg, Luxembourgish: Lëtzebuerg), formally the…
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