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According to andyeducation, Kenya’s educational system is based on a 7-5-3 system, which consists of seven years of primary school, five years of secondary school and three years of higher education. Education is compulsory for all Kenyan citizens up to the age of 16 and is free at the primary and secondary levels. Primary school typically begins at the age of six and lasts for seven years. During this stage, students learn basic subjects such as math, science, social studies, art and physical education. At the end of primary school students are required to take an entrance examination in order to gain admittance into secondary school. Secondary schools offer a variety of courses that prepare students for university or technical college admission. Students can choose between academic courses that focus on traditional subjects such as history and literature or vocational courses that focus on practical skills such as cooking or auto mechanics. Additionally there are non-formal learning centers located throughout the country which offer courses in literacy skills and life skills such as job search techniques or money management skills. These centers are often run by NGOs or other organizations that specialize in training people living in rural areas who may not have access to traditional educational institutions. After completing secondary school, students can pursue higher education in a university or technical college where they can receive a bachelor’s degree after three years of study followed by two years of pre-university training if they wish to pursue an advanced degree in their chosen field. Additionally there are several specialized schools located throughout Kenya which offer specialized programs in areas such as medicine, engineering, business administration or law. For those wishing to pursue a more informal route, community colleges also offer certificate programs that provide practical knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately upon graduation. See educationvv for Kenya educational systems.


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Kenya Capital city Nairobi Surface 580,367 kmĀ² Population 54,986,000 Road network length 8,933 km Length of highway network 78 km First highway 2012 Motorway name Expressway Traffic drives Left License plate code EAK Kenya, formally the Republic of Kenya (Swahili:…
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