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According to andyeducation, Finland’s educational system is considered one of the best in the world, and its success has been attributed to a number of factors including equal access to education, high-quality teaching staff and resources, and a focus on creative learning. Education in Finland is free for both citizens and non-citizens, with all children required to attend school from the age of 7 until their 16th birthday. Primary education consists of nine years of comprehensive basic education which includes subjects such as Finnish language, maths, science and social studies. During this period students also have the option to take elective classes such as music or art. At the end of primary school pupils sit an exam which determines whether they will go on to upper secondary school or vocational college. Upper secondary schools offer both academic and vocational courses which provide preparation for higher education or employment. Academic courses are typically three years long while vocational courses can last anywhere between one and three years depending on the subject chosen. Subjects covered at this level include Finnish language, maths, sciences, humanities and foreign languages as well as more specific topics such as engineering or business studies. Higher education in Finland is provided by universities and universities of applied sciences which offer a range of degree programs in areas like engineering, medicine, business administration or law. Admissions requirements are relatively relaxed compared to other countries with applicants only needing to demonstrate good grades from their upper secondary studies alongside proof that they have completed certain core classes such as maths or English language. In addition to traditional academic courses there are also a range of vocational training programs available that help students gain the necessary skills for employment after graduation. These often consist of apprenticeships which allow individuals to gain practical experience while studying at college part-time alongside work placements which provide valuable insight into certain industries. Overall Finland’s educational system provides a high quality learning environment for all citizens regardless of their socio-economic background through initiatives like free adult literacy classes or relaxed admissions requirements for public universities that ensure everyone has access to basic education regardless of their financial situation. See educationvv for Finland educational systems.


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Suomi Capital city Helsinki Surface 338,424 km² Population 5,457,000 Road network length 78,168 km Length of highway network 1,012 km First highway 1962 Motorway name Motorcycle riding Traffic drives Right License plate code FIN Finland (Suomi) is a country in…
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