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According to andyeducation, Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe, and its educational system has been praised for its innovative approach to modern education. The Estonian educational system is organized around the principle of lifelong learning, which means that students of all ages can access educational opportunities throughout their lives. It is divided into three levels: pre-primary, basic and secondary. Pre-primary education in Estonia begins at the age of three and consists of two stages. The first stage focuses on developing skills such as language, numeracy, and communication. This stage runs for three years until the age of six when children enter basic education. Basic education in Estonia is compulsory from the ages of seven to sixteen and consists of nine years split into two cycles; lower basic (grades 1-4) and upper basic (grades 5-9). During this period, students study a range of subjects including mathematics, science, languages, social studies, physical education and art. Secondary education in Estonia begins at age 16 and consists of two cycles lasting four years each. The first cycle focuses on general subjects such as mathematics, sciences, history and geography as well as foreign languages like English or French while the second cycle provides more specialized courses in areas like economics or business administration while also offering vocational training to prepare students for their chosen careers after graduation. In addition to traditional academic subjects taught in schools throughout Estonia there are also a range of extracurricular activities available for students to take part in such as music classes or sports teams which help them develop important skills such as teamwork or leadership while also having fun with their peers. Overall the Estonian educational system provides quality educational opportunities for all citizens regardless of their backgrounds or financial situations thanks to initiatives like free adult literacy classes that are available throughout the country. It strives to meet international standards while still providing an innovative approach tailored to the needs of its population by promoting creativity through activities like art classes or music lessons that allow students to express themselves in unique ways while still learning valuable knowledge about subjects like history or literature. See educationvv for Estonia educational systems.


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Eesti Capital city Tallinn Surface 45,228 kmĀ² Population 1,294,000 Road network length 58,974 km Length of highway network 0 km First highway N/A Motorway name Kiirtee Traffic drives Right License plate code EST Estonia (Eesti), formally the Republic of Estonia…
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