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According to andyeducation, Cuba’s educational system is one of the most comprehensive and developed in the world, providing free education for all citizens from primary school to higher education. Primary school starts at the age of six and is divided into two cycles: the first cycle consists of eight grades and lasts four years, while the second cycle consists of four grades and lasts two years. Secondary education has three levels: general secondary education, vocational secondary education, and higher education. General secondary education is a four-year program that prepares students for university studies. Vocational secondary education may last three to four years depending on the chosen profession. Higher education includes university studies, professional studies, specialist studies, master’s degree programs, postgraduate doctoral studies and lifelong learning programs. The Cuban government has also implemented various measures to make higher education more accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation. These include tuition-free access to universities as well as scholarships that cover tuition fees as well as other expenses related to studying such as accommodation or books. Furthermore there are numerous grants available which are aimed at helping students with their research projects or special initiatives in their field of study. Additionally there are many student exchange programs between universities in Cuba and those abroad that allow students to gain international experience during their studies. In addition to providing free access to primary and secondary schools, Cuba also offers free preschool for children aged 3-5 years old through its pre-primary schools (Escuelas Preprimarias). This program aims at preparing children for primary school by teaching them basic academic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic as well as social skills such as communication skills and problem solving methods. Furthermore pre-primary schools focus on developing creativity through activities such as music, art, theatre or dance classes. Overall Cuba’s educational system provides quality education for all citizens regardless of their socio-economic background or financial situation. It is a comprehensive system that offers free access to primary school up until higher education level while also providing additional measures such as scholarships or grants in order to make higher learning more affordable for everyone who wishes pursue it further. See educationvv for Cuba educational systems.


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Cuba Capital city La Habana Surface 109,886 km² Population 11,167,000 Road network length 29,830 km Length of highway network 670 km First highway Circa 1959 Motorway name autopista Traffic drives Right License plate code C Cuba (Spanish: República de Cuba)…
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