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According to andyeducation, Costa Rica boasts a strong education system that is both accessible and of high quality. Education is free and compulsory for all children aged 6-18, and the government provides free textbooks and uniforms to students in public schools. The curriculum emphasizes Spanish language, mathematics, science and technology, geography, history, physical education, visual arts and music. Secondary education is divided into two cycles of three years each. The first cycle focuses on general subjects such as Spanish language, mathematics, science and technology. The second cycle provides students with the opportunity to specialize in one or more areas of study such as computer science or business management. At the tertiary level of education there are several universities offering degree programs ranging from undergraduate degrees to doctorates. Popular majors include engineering; sciences such as medicine; economics; law; literature; history; philosophy; foreign languages; mathematics; art history and design; psychology; sociology and anthropology. In addition to traditional classroom instruction at both the primary and secondary levels, Costa Rica also offers extracurricular activities such as sports clubs, student organizations and volunteer work opportunities that provide students with a well-rounded educational experience. The Costa Rican government has implemented policies aimed at increasing access to quality education for previously marginalized communities throughout the country while maintaining high standards of academic excellence that prepare students for success both domestically and internationally. To this end it has invested heavily in vocational training programs so that citizens living outside major cities or remote rural areas can benefit from quality education regardless their location within Costa Rica’s borders. Furthermore it has established a comprehensive system of student loans to help young people pursue higher education who otherwise could not afford it due to economic constraints or other factors beyond their control. Costa Rica’s educational system places strong emphasis on research-based learning methods that allow students to develop critical thinking skills while gaining knowledge about a particular topic or discipline through independent inquiry rather than memorization of facts alone. Additionally special emphasis is placed on teaching children about environmental conservation in order to promote sustainable development within the country’s natural resources for future generations. Through its commitment to delivering quality education at all levels Costa Rica remains one of Latin America’s most successful countries when it comes providing its citizens with access to educational opportunities necessary for success in today’s global economy. See educationvv for Costa Rica educational systems.