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According to andyeducation, the educational system in China is one of the most comprehensive and advanced in the world. It is characterized by a strong emphasis on academic achievement, a rigorous curriculum, and a focus on developing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to take on leadership roles in society. In China, education is compulsory for all students from primary school through college. Primary and secondary schools are divided into three levels: elementary, middle, and high school. Elementary school typically begins at age six and lasts for five years; middle school lasts three years; while high school typically lasts three or four years before students are eligible to take the college entrance examination. At the university level, higher education institutions offer a variety of degree programs ranging from undergraduate degrees to doctorates. The most popular majors are engineering and technology-related fields such as computer science and information technology; business management; sciences such as medicine, chemistry, and physics; economics; law; literature; history; philosophy; foreign languages; mathematics; art history and design; psychology; sociology and anthropology. In addition to traditional classroom education, Chinese universities also offer extracurricular activities such as sports clubs, student organizations, volunteer work opportunities, internships, study abroad programs and other activities designed to broaden students’ educational experiences. The Chinese government places great emphasis on academic performance in its educational system. Students must pass a series of exams in order to advance from one level of schooling to the next. These exams include the National College Entrance Exam (known as the gaokao), which is taken by all high school graduates who wish to attend university in China. China has also made great strides in recent years towards providing quality education for its citizens living outside major cities or remote rural areas by investing heavily in vocational training programs as well as expanding access to online learning resources such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). This effort has resulted in increased access to higher education for previously marginalized communities throughout China’s vast territory. Overall, China’s educational system strives towards providing quality education for all its citizens regardless of background or location within its borders while maintaining high standards of academic excellence that prepare students for success both domestically and internationally. See educationvv for China educational systems.


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– Zhongguo Capital city Beijing Surface 9,640,821 km² Population 1,412,000,000 Road network length 5,280,000 km Length of highway network 169,000 km First highway 1988 Motorway name 高速公路 (Gāosù gōnglù) Traffic drives Right License plate code CN The People’s Republic of…
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