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According to andyeducation, the education system in Benin is based on the French model and provides both primary and secondary level schooling. At the primary level, students attend school from age 6 to age 12 and receive instruction in core subjects such as mathematics, science, language arts, social studies and physical education. Secondary school students are divided into three stages: lower secondary (ages 13 to 15), upper secondary (ages 16 to 17) and post-secondary (ages 18 to 20). At all levels of schooling, Beninese students must take exams that are set by the Ministry of Education as part of their assessment. At the end of each stage of schooling, students are awarded certificates or diplomas depending on their performance. In addition to formal schooling, there are also various informal education options available for Beninese such as adult literacy classes which focus on teaching basic reading, writing and numeracy skills. The government of Benin places great emphasis on providing equitable educational opportunities for all citizens regardless of their socio-economic background or ability level by offering free tuition at all levels from pre-school through tertiary education as well as scholarships for those who demonstrate exceptional academic performance. Furthermore, there are also a range of specialised programmes available such as apprenticeship programmes which provide practical training in a variety of fields such as agriculture or engineering. Additionally, the government has established a number of career guidance centres throughout the country which offer advice and support to young people trying to decide what type of career path they would like to pursue. In conclusion it can be seen that Benin has an effective educational system which strives towards providing quality learning opportunities across all levels while also offering additional support services aimed at helping individuals reach their full potential regardless of their socio-economic status or ability level. See educationvv for Benin educational systems.


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Benin Capital city Porto-Novo Surface 112,622 km² Population 12,450,000 Road network length 1,357 km Length of highway network 0 km First highway N/A Motorway name N/A Traffic drives Right License plate code DY Benin (French: Bénin), formally the Republic of…
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